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Digital iQ & Sales Bootcamp
2019 Finalist

Digital iQ & Sales Bootcamp

News Xtend - News Corp

Surry Hills, Australia

Category New Technologies

Overview of this campaign

The business commercial objective was:

  1. To rapidly increase digital revenue across 15 sales teams around the country

  2. Turn capability into a revenue-generating engine, changing the way the business thinks about learning

  3. Drive self-reliant achievement in digital sales, while maintaining print revenue

  4. Measuring this through digital adoption, revenue and forward pipeline

This was achieved by creating Digital iQ, a gamified, highly engaging and user-friendly mobile first assessment of knowledge. Users needed to feel empowered in order to stay motivated and participate and excited to undertake the training. It couldn’t feel like a normal test.

After knowledge gaps were diagnosed within a sales team, they would then complete a rapid upskill Bootcamp where they would translate their digital knowledge into skills to immediately boost sales performance. Bootcamps needed to be relevant to the sales team, and focus on simplifying and stretching individuals to sell more print and digital solutions together in order to transform the business.

Key challenges to achieving these goals were:

  • It needed to feel challenging, without discouraging efforts for those individuals with lower digital knowledge. (We overcame this by using 2 levels in testing and a bonus round. You only unlock the levels you pass)

  • Tracking multiple markets simultaneously - we overcame this by using leaderboards and detailed reporting to encourage healthy competition

  • We needed to roll this out in a complex operating environment across 15 locations and hundreds of devices.

Results for this campaign

Results were measured through adoption (the number of salespeople that have sold a digital deal) as well as digital revenue uplift (tracked 8 weeks pre and 8 weeks post).

The final ROI number was calculated to have a 7 fold return on investment. It was piloted across 2 markets and quickly scaled to a further 13 markets.

The sales team were surveyed following Digital iQ and Bootcamp programs and received the following feedback:

  • Overall satisfaction rating was 4.54 out of 5

  • 100% of respondents agreed Digital iQ was fun to use and the Bootcamp content was easy to learn

  • 100% of respondents felt confident they could go out and effectively execute the skills they learnt

Some quotes we received from the team were:

“This was the most fun and engaging training I have ever done in my 15 years at News Corp Australia” - Account Sales Manager, Real Estate Sydney

“I found this bootcamp to be highly engaging”

“This was the best training program I have ever been a part of at News Corp, well done team” - Account Sales Manager, Sydney SME

Results from two of these teams has been attached for your consideration.

The impact of these results clearly demonstrates the commercial success of the blended Digital iQ initiative (learning campaign and performance support), but also the motivation and confidence of salespeople have risen dramatically (much harder to measure, but as seen through feedback and results, this outcome is far-reaching).



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