Dainik Jagran: Amazon at Your Doorstep
2019 Finalist

Dainik Jagran: Amazon at Your Doorstep

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign


Mary Meeker, described India as one of the “most fascinating markets for the internet on the planet.” She says that India with its 355mn users has headroom for growth.


1. Languages driving User Growth: 90% new internet users will be language users. Non-English content consumption is 5X over English content on Google.

2. Hindi – leading amongst languages: Hindi users will overtake English by 2021.

3. Mobile users drive Internet adoption: 99% of language internet users access internet through mobile devices.

And, India’s biggest Hindi market was ready

-        With 116 mn Hindi speakers, it was India’s largest Hindi state

-        With 50 mn Internet Users, it was India’s 2nd largest internet market

-        With 172 mn Mobile subscribers, it was India’s largest mobile market



-        E- commerce projected to grow at 32% CAGR till 2021

-        E-commerce by Hindi internet users to grow 4-fold from 19mn to 75mn in 2021



Consumers in India’s largest Hindi state weren’t ready to shop online. There were 3 barriers:

1. Lack of Credibility: People were unsure of the credentials of ecommerce brands. Would they get right quality and price? What if the products ordered didn’t meet their expectations?

2. Lack of trust: People were skeptical of transacting online. Several misconceptions prevailed around payment and security of online transactions.

3. Limited comfort in accessing the content: 44% of language internet users found it difficult to comprehend product differences and customer reviews in English. They weren’t tech savvy enough to download app, browse through options, order, pay and track delivery.

As a result, 42% people weren’t interested in shopping online.


Amazon approached us to help establish the brand in India’s largest Hindi state – Uttar Pradesh. While brand awareness wasn’t an issue, we had to help them cross the above mentioned 3 barriers. And, these challenges couldn’t be addressed by just advertising.

Results for this campaign

Since the challenges couldn’t be addressed by just advertising, we turned towards content. The real need was to create an environment for online shopping. However, just creating content without context wouldn’t be enough. So we created an event, and used reporting as a content strategy.

If people weren’t coming to Amazon to shop, we decided to take Amazon to the doorsteps of people. Hence our campaign “Amazon at your doorstep”. A massive onground campaign was organized, and reporting from the ground became the content idea.


On ground Event :

-        Created a Campaigning Vehicle thatcovered 2 locations/day for 15 days across 10 large cities. We covered 300 locations and directly engaged with 37,000 people.

-        An Online Shopping Demo on Amazon was given by an existing Amazon Customer from the locality.

-        An existing customer from the locality was appointed as Amazon Brand Ambassador to “evangelize” shopping on Amazon. We created 300 brand ambassadors.

Content Strategy:  We created 40 Full Pages of content to evangelize online shopping and create the right environment for it. And we reported from the ground:

-        We wrote about Amazon ambassadors and their shopping experience

-        Dispelled myths and misconceptions around online shopping

-        Wrote about ease of payment, and secure transactions,

-        Wrote about choices, deals and ease of online shopping.

This helped address the Credibility issue and the trust deficit that e-commerce faced.


-        A huge market buzz  for Amazon was generated, and people got a first-hand experience of shopping on Amazon

-        About 30% of the people we interacted with, downloaded the App

-        Dainik Jagran brand managers mingled with crowds and taught them to download and use the app. This personal touch enabled potential customers to experience online shopping.

A Happy Agency wrote back to appreciate.

A Happy client increased its advertising spends by 37% in 2018 over 2017.

Our market share of Amazon’s Hindi print spends increased from 20% in 2017 to 26% in 2018


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