The Truth Has a Voice
2019 Finalist

The Truth Has a Voice

The New York Times

New York , United States

Category Best Brand Awareness Campaign

Overview of this campaign

The “Truth” campaign sought to move attitudinal and behavioral metrics, including understanding of what it takes to produce quality journalism and agreement that The Times is worth subscribing to.


The “Truth” campaign also aimed to change reader behavior, including engagement and subscription.



Results for this campaign

With over 10 million video views on Twitter alone, The New York Times’s “The Truth Has a Voice” campaign highlighted the power of journalism. Overall, the “Truth” campaigns produced significant lifts in brand affinity and purchase intent as well as significant lifts in onsite engagement. Subsequent executions have had similar impact on affinity and engagement during major media activations.


Over the two years of the “Truth” campaign being in market, The Times has experienced sustained subscriber growth in the U.S. and key markets globally. Full year 2018 results have not been released at the time of writing, but through Q3 subscriber growth remained strong.


“The Truth Is Worth It” campaign has continued into 2019 and is ongoing.



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