Gurugram Launch
2019 Finalist

Gurugram Launch

Hindustan Times Media

New Delhi, India

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

Despite Gurugram being a thriving city in terms of living, education, entertainment & medical care, it was under-developed as an advertising market & resource for news content

Key challenges:
• Lack of hyperlocal advertising options, always been sold as an extension of Delhi
• Engaging with Gurugram’s population and key influencers via all mediums
• Telling stories and designing content in a way that reflects the buoyant nature of the city
• Increasing circulation numbers & advertising revenues in Gurugram

Mission: Driving HT to Leadership in Gurgaon, measured by NPS
Vision: NPS increase, Circulation: +11k copies, Revenue: +6.5 Cr
Business Strategy: Strong L2L + N2L revenue extraction

360-degree Launch Campaign:

  • Completely Revamped Print Product for Gurugram
    • French-window + Letter from EIC on POP + Special Candy-bar on Front page
    • POP Special, HT for Gurugram features
    • New Features, increased Local content & new storytelling styles
    • Content columns from influencers and citizens of Gurugram
    • Special & New advertising options for clients for Gurugram
  • Print Ads
    • Regular communication, including the core themes – “Gurugram Matters”
    • Ads included beat-wise reporter details engaging in 2-way conversations
  • Outdoor
    • 12 key sites across Gurgaon
    • Installing boards across Gurguram in public places & RWAs
  • B2B
    • Roadblocks across B2B community via trade-media-websites and Emailers
    • Emailers / Whatsapp messages / FAQs
    • Special Editions for B2B Clients
  • Digital
    • Geo-targeted, social campaign on various digital platforms, including lead-gen through
    • Converting Edit content into consumable Social Media content as Instagram Stories
    • Youtube pre-roll ads on contextual topics like Traffic, Weather etc.

Results for this campaign

Product Solutions were co-created with Editorial team plugging insights from research panels, NPS study learnings & Gurugram reader preferences. This hyperlocal offering is only for the city of Gurugram, towards the residents'-preferred construct.

This biggest launch plan is not only helping create a new product for the city of Gurugram, but also to taking this Q+ product to the market using industry’s first content dissemination mechanism while ensuring advertising revenues as Circulation numbers pick up too, paving way to long term better brand salience.

Since Gurgram launch, HT scores positive panel scores for product against competition. HT also socres much ahead of the competition on all major identified themes.

The New Book structure now includes: Front Page with Gurugram stories, Metro Section with Gurugram focus, Special HT for Gurugram campaigns, daily columns by experts and innovative fixtures such as Test Drive, additional Personal Finance section for corporates, weekend planner section for entertainment & lifestyle & special Gurugram coverage across supplements.

Massive social media & lead generation campaign across all platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Trade Media B2B Websites resulted in the biggest 360-deg campaign for the geography.

KPIs Target Vs Achieved:

  • Updated & Innovative Product
    • Weekly Product Panel Target: +4 wins / week || Current: +3 wins
    • Quantum of stories in Core Content Areas    On track
  • Revenue
    • L2L extraction  Target: 9 Cr   || Current: 2.79 Cr
    • N2L extraction Target: 5 Cr  || Current: 1.77 Cr
    • Market Share   Target: 50%  || Current: 44%
  • Circulation
    • Target: 74k copies (May 2019) || Current: 68 K (Nov 2018)
  • Digital KPIs
    • Impressions     Target: 25 mn || Achieved: 25 mn
    • Engagement    Target: 1.8 mn || Achieved: 2.6 mn & Reach 10 mn
    • Leads              Target: 4000 || Achieved: 6000 out of which 3741 converted


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