Happy Trails CBD
2019 Finalist

Happy Trails CBD


Des Moines, United States

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

For Happy Trails CBD, we wanted the campaign to have a professional look with a medical and health store feel. We took inspiration from the client’s website when choosing the color palette and imagery to help tie it into the existing branding. Products were displayed in the ads similar to how beauty or medical merchandise may be advertised. We thought showing the actual CBD products would help showcase how there are several different options for consumers and put a face to the brands they carry. After researching CBD products, we found there was a lot of misconception surrounding this type of business in states like Wisconsin. When writing copy, we wanted to touch on the main concerns people may have and approach it in a conversational and informational way. Happy Trails CBD had several positive reviews about the staff’s helpfulness regarding questions from customers, so we worked that into the call-to-action – urging people to reach out or visit to learn more. All of these decisions were done to help paint the picture of Happy Trails CBD being a welcoming place to purchase a product that might be deemed controversial or misunderstood by some.

Results for this campaign

These creatives helped consumers within their target market understand the number of benefits CBD products offers versus medication. This client struggled with getting the word out that they are there, educating the public on the many benefits of CBD products, and driving traffic to the store to help individuals with different ailments. The advertisements, especially the 2-sided Insert, captured the attention of their older audience looking for relief from chronic pain and many other ailments due to age. The message developed helped drive traffic into the store and open up positive conversations on the benefits of CBD products. Overall Happy Trails CBD has seen an increase in store traffic and information inquires.


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