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Share Joy - How Schibsted & Unilever used a Mobile Payment solution (Swish) to engage and increase ice cream-sales in the summer of 2018

Schibsted Media Group

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client

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Overview of this campaign

The Solution

To bring to life the Share Joy-message we tapped into Sweden fantastic peer to peer payment solution SWISH and created a mobile gifting campaign redeemable in almost every reatail point in Sweden. SWISH is a mobile payment system in Sweden and has more than 6.5 Million users, making mobile payments very easy to connect with advertisers. 

The campaign was weather targeted across mobile on Aftonbladet.se

The concept was simple:

  • Click the ad and enter the campaign site
  • There you simply entered your ice cream receivers phone number.
  • Wrote a personal message.
  • The site then automatically transferred you to Swish to finish the payment.
  • A moment later your friend received a text message with your gift of joy (a pre paid mobile coupon)
  • Redeemabel in almost any retail point (7-eleven etc) 

With short ways to conversion (ca 30 seconds) we found an innovative way for a FMCG-brand to advertise and make the consumer find their way to their local retailer.



Results for this campaign

The Delivery

The campaign was a success with weather targeted reminders every time the weather hit 21 degrees celsius or above, GB Glace sold more ice creams than ever before with a total sales uplift of year on year despite more competition than ever before.

We delivered:

  • 6x higher CTR than normal 
  • High awareness levels among millennials (18-34’s)
  • Target group positive to Swish gifting solution (Brand tracking)
  • Searches on Google for event the word "Swish" was dominated by our campaign during summer 2018
  • 21500 Ice creams sold on mobile campaign site (approx. 3 USD per ice cream)
  • Contributed to GB Glace highest summer sales in 5 years

(Note: GB Glace is more familiar as "Heartbrand" in Unilevers global brand portofliio)


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