The Future of Everything Festival
2019 Winner

The Future of Everything Festival

The Wall Street Journal

New York, United States

Category Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand

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Overview of this campaign

This campaign was built to speak to new audiences and show a different side of The Wall Street Journal. We had to reinvent the way we tackled event promotions and the overall positioning of The Future of Everything brand within WSJ.


With a holistic view of increasing brand awareness and ticket sales, our campaign was aimed to entice audiences, create buzz around the festival, and stand out from an already crowded event space. In order to reach our lofty goals, we developed a multi-layered marketing approach.


  • Branding-Building: We wanted The Future of Everything to unveil a new side of The Wall Street Journal. The neon-focused, jet-pack men became synonymous to the festival and been written as the festival logo. With this in mind we used neon creative as a metaphor for the past and present colliding to define the future.

  • Content Integration through Live Experience: We brought the festival and our journalism to life with a pop-up freight farm that embodied the future of farming. The freight farm sat on the corner of Houston and Lafayette where passerby could experience private tours.

  • Artist Contribution: We enlisted 12 illustrators to create their own vision of the future for a specifically assigned track. We transformed these unique illustrations into promotional items for the festival. Specifically, we painted the city with these posters to help encourage attendance and awareness.

  • City-Wide Takeover: Across New York City, we promoted the festival through animated digital newsstands and wild postings, using the artists posters with eye-catching creatives.

  • Momentos: Our merchandise such as wall posters, foldable calendars, stickers and postcards were handed out at the festival.

Results for this campaign

Our efforts to increase brand awareness and create an overall futuristic festival were achieved by innovative marketing efforts.

Our marketing campaign attracted interest from sponsors and created valuable partnership opportunities. Accenture was one of the biggest sponsors of the Festival, buying out exclusive sponsorship at the event and onsite. Additionally, the onsite innovation hub provided us smaller partnerships opportunities with companies such as JetPack, VR Films and Concerts and Cricket Chops & Friend Grasshoppers.  

  • Content Integration through Live Experience:

    • Freight Farm (New York City)

    • Estimated Interactions: 1,000,000

    • Conversations: 150 daily

    • Private Tours: 60+

    • Produce: 50lbs of produce given away, with the remaining donated to city harvest

  • City-Wide Takeover:

    • Wild Postings | Digital Newsstands

    • Locations: 68

    • Impressions: 37,608,036

  • Artist Contribution:

    • Organic social posts from our contributing artists

    • Reach: 500K

    • Likes: 12.3K

  • Press:

    • Press attendance: 40 external reporters from 26 different outlets including: Forbes, Goop, The Verge, Marie Claire, Business Insider, and Inc

    • Coverage: 40 article mentions on the Festival. The freight farm also received social media attention from outlets such as The Huffington Post


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