2019 Finalist


El Comercio

Lima, Peru

Category Best New Print Product

Overview of this campaign

Mundialistas began when almost accidentally found in the newspaper archive a series of boxes containing hundreds of negatives about the participation of the Peruvian national soccer team: only 4 times in 20 events. For the fans of all the generations that had hoped to see Peru again in the World this was a nostalgic and emotional treasure. 

The project began to start building a book with this graphic material. Sort chronologically according to each world and generate the content of each chapter based on what was reported at the time by the newspaper and looking for the current testimonies of the survivors of those sporting feats. 

As the book was assembled, it was discovered that the impact and documentary value of these unpublished photos deserved public exposure. This exhibition was held in the Parque Central de Miraflores, location of the city where fans traditionally celebrate soccer victories.

 It was so simultaneously and staggered at the same time, Mundialistas was at the same time a photographic exhibition, a series of journalistic reports, a book and an academic event.  The whole project escalated even more when the newspaper was invited to display the photos of the book Mundialistas in Moscow during the Russian World Cup 2018. The book was on sale with full visibility during all this time, from February 8 to 15 July 2018.

Results for this campaign

Mundialistas, as an editorial product, allowed us to specify important objectives: a) position the El Comercio brand with a national triumph that had removed the most sensitive fibers of the country b) Through the review of a legendary past ad portas of a global future, we managed to communicate the value of the brand with at least three different generations joined by sports enthusiasm. c) Both the participation in the editorial category with the book Mundialistas as well as the academic participation based on conversations born from the book positioned us as value aggregators to the editorial products. d) In addition to these results of brand strengthening, it is important to note that Mundialistas also represented profitability.


The book and the first public photographic exhibition were sold to the BBVA Bank Foundation for an amount that exceeded the costs of both productions. This first exhibition reached 238, 205 people. 


The sale of the book generated an added profitability: To date 75% of the book edition has been sold, being that what a few months ago were negatives forgotten in a drawer generated only by the sale of the book s / 170, 000 soles, approximately US $ 50,000. 


The exhibition at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, as well as the conversations held around the book, were paid for by both the university and the BBVA Foundation. Its scope was 5000 people. The photographic exhibition at the Real Plaza Salaverry shopping center was financed by the establishment. It reached 1800 people. 


Finally, the sample of Mundialistas arrived in Moscow. It was at the request and interest of the Peruvian state entity promoting tourism, PromPerú. In view of the national and global expectation for the 36-year wait they were taking a large sample of Peruvian culture to Russia. Promperú assumed the costs of exhibiting the shows at Casa Peru in Moscow during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Its scope was 150, 000 people. 


In total, over five events that took place between February 8 and July 15, 2018, a total reach of 400, 005 people was achieved.  The Mundialistas book has already become a collector's item.


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