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Surry Hills, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

Content is our core product with research demonstrating it is more than half the reason why customers subscribe to our mastheads. Our objective was to drive subscription revenue growth by leveraging our understanding of the return on content at a micro level.

This would be achieved by delivering improvements in: 

Audience (Pay): increasing the number of people consuming and subscribing to content; 

Engagement and Retention (Stay): improving the value to subscribers and consequently their desire to continue subscribing; and  

Effectiveness: improving the return on content creation.

News Corp is a data-rich environment but previously had siloed data sources. This inhibited real-time data sharing and dynamic newsroom decision making on insights drawn from a complete data set.

Verity is a proprietary analytics platform that combines multiple big data sources to give real-time visibility of performance metrics across content, customer subscriptions, web analytics, social and promotional channels.  Verity is brought to life in newsrooms through a suite of dashboards and visualisations available on desktop and mobile to facilitate quick and easy access to insights. 

In order to create more profitable content, leading to conversion, Verity delivers visibility of live audience metrics, locations and behaviours of key target segments.  This real-time visibility of consumption behaviour allows editorial to better tailor content strategies and make immediate decisions on content placement and promotion.

Insight matrixes by content category or trending topic enable the business to rapidly identify where content is underrepresented and refocus on content delivering superior audience and conversion performance to drive engagement.

Verity shows the holistic revenue generated by article, crucial to measure the effectiveness of our content.  Identifying high-value content informs decisions on the proportion of premium (locked) content, directs editorial planning on the optimal mix of content categories and informs content marketing strategy to deliver ROI improvement.

Results for this campaign

Verity has accelerated the use of data in newsrooms and shifted the culture of the business to insight led decision making.  Adoption and usage of the Verity desktop and mobile applications has exceed expectation with the real-time nature of the data driving constant monitoring of performance.

In 2018 new subscriptions driven from premium content breach increased by +133% year-on-year.  Content driven acquisition as a channel accounted for 35% of new subscriptions in 2018 up 19 percentage points relative to 2017 and continues to increase as we optimise the mix of content further.

Verity has provided a solution which empowers the business to act fast, experiment, test and learn with data.  The article summary dashboards have multiple filtering options which allow digital editors to quickly hone in on their section or trending topic and optimise article placement and promotion.  As a result the velocity of page views following each publication event; adding to home page, index page or including in an EDM has increased by article.  

The data science and business reporting incorporated within Verity have allowed us to quantify the value of each article and surface this in matrix visualisations mapping low-value to high-value content.  It is this type of analytics that has driven our focus on crime content. An example business outcome is True Crime Australia launched in July 2018 packaging crime content within its own branded vertical and improving crime content subscription sales by 272% year-on-year.

The identification of high-value topics and content categories will have further implications to our subscriber retention strategy and personalisation of editorial and marketing communications at scale into 2019.

Verity has also ensured consistent and accurate calculations, measures and reporting across the business.  This has allowed benchmarking between mastheads and driven efficiency through leveraging our national news team to produce content which resonates across a broad audience and refocusing our network of journalists on local news stories.


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