When Couples Go On Vacation
2019 Finalist

When Couples Go On Vacation

Alabama Media Group

Birmingham, United States

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Visit Sevierville’s campaign consisted of two sponsored episodes of So True, Y’all, a branded content episode which was filmed in Sevierville, and two articles about the highly popular mountain town. The main objective was for Visit Sevierville to gain exposure to the audience of 100+ million people on the So True, Y’all/It’s a Southern Thing platform, which consistently reaches more than 150 million people monthly. The two articles were distributed on It’s a Southern Thing’s Facebook page and on southernthing.com. The sponsored videos and branded content video ran on the So True, Y’all Facebook Watch page, It’s a Southern Thing Facebook and YouTube channels, and southernthing.com. Key performance indicators for this campaign included number of people reached and total number of video views. Another major win for the advertiser was the brand alignment with a enjoyable, light-hearted southern brand. The idea behind the branded content video was to subliminally layer in some of the great things Sevierville has to offer, and how many of the viewers would love to plan for a weekend getaway to the mountains, without the video coming off like your typical ad. We wanted to naturally get our social audience excited and talking about a trip to the smoky mountains. We did so by creating a very relatable situation of a couple planning for a vacation, only to arrive at their destination to find out they’ve planned two very different itineraries. The woman has filled her days with shopping, a trip to the spa, etc, while the man has planned to spend his time with food, more food, and some moonshine.


Results for this campaign

Visit Sevierville’s single branded content video alone reached more than 20 million people on Facebook, while their full campaign reached more than 40 million individuals, spread all over the south and beyond. Visit Sevierville reaped the benefits of not only being aligned with a truly brand safe, enjoyable platform, but reached a larger audience than even expected. “When Couples Go On Vacation” yielded 12.5 million social video views (Facebook and Youtube combined). This video was very well received by the audience, including a variety of comments like “I love Sevierville TN” and “Oh, those Tanger outlets in Sevierville. Such memories.” The video stirred up a lot of positive social engagement for the client in this branded content video, resulting in 570,000 likes, comments and shares. With the overall campaign, the client was so pleased with the results they signed on for more of everything for their second annual commitment. Before this project on It’s a Southern Thing and So True, Y’all, we tried for years to get business from this client but were unable to. This social platform presented a unique brand alignment opportunity for Visit Sevierville to reach a large and interested audience.



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