2019 Finalist

Using Research to Win Back a Challenging Market - Meerut

Hindustan Media Ventures

Noida, India

Category Data and Research

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The prime objective of the campaign was to use research to:

  • Use research to get reader feedback on the product and identify  a key issue being faced by the city whose resolution would help Hindustan:
    • Develop a strong local affinity with residents of Meerut.
    • Build  buzz around the brand.
    • Support company initiatives to create a sustainable share in the market.

The strategy and execution plan for the campaign was:

  • Identification of a key issue or concern of the city through a large scale on ground survey conducted via door-to-door knocks and hearing people’s plight and issues.
  • Re-validation of the outputs received by survey through an independent research – understanding the likability & uniqueness of the issue that we’ll set out to solve
  • Once identified, Hindustan to take a deep dive on the issue and do an in depth research and discussion with subject matter experts and authorities to identify the root cause of the issue and the possible resolutions that could be considered.
  • Execute a 360 degree amplification of the issue – leave no medium untouched – to reach out to the people who matter and could assist in taking corrective measures.
  • Engaging maximum people, creating awareness about the issue, allowing people to have their say and getting the relevant people to take action corrective measures by aggressive & hyper local news coverage highlighting the issue
  • Consistent follow up of the issue to help create a on ground movement bringing about a visible change for everyone to see
  • Building on the affinity gained through this campaign

Milestones defined for the campaign:

  • 50% branded campaign cut through
  • 70% campaign cut through
  • TOM score  + 8 points
  • NPS score (Net promoter score) +6 Points

Results for this campaign

The campaign was a huge success for Hindustan. Some of the key actions were:

  • 2 Lakh+ households surveyed by a team of 200 trained surveyors over 30 days
  • Random household sampling through right hand approach was deployed.
  • Over 200+ strong team was trained and deployed in the market to conduct the survey
  • Intensive in-depth interviews were conducted across various reader segments to get insights on the product and the key issues being faced by the city.
  • Key issues that emerged from the survey were – State of Drainage (38%) & Traffic (29%)
  • A follow up research established “State of Drainage” as the most likable, unique and single biggest issue of the city
  • A 100 day campaign “Jago Meerut – Nalon ka Narak kar raha beda garak” (Wake up Meerut – Drains of Hell are causing havoc) was launched with 360 degree intervention – Editorial, Print ads, outdoors, radio, on ground activations & panel discussions
  • The campaign and its successive actions were pivotal in helping Meerut suffer very less water logging issues during the monsoon season owing to following firsts:
    • INR 9.62 Cr. sanctioned to the Municipal corporations by the State governments for purchasing garbage collection vehicles
    • Drain cleaning started 45 days pre monsoon unlike previous years where the drains desilting would start typically 7 days before Monsoons.
    • Statement from Indian Medical Association (IMA) chief Dr Tanuraj Sirohi to media confirmed that there were 50% lesser cases of water borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria
    •  “Jago Meerut – Nalon ka Narak kar raha beda garak” (Wake up Meerut – Drains of Hell are causing havoc) was presented as a model initiative by Hon Minister for Urban Development Mr Suresh Khanna in UP assembly


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