El Nuevo Día: Keep Asking
2019 Winner

El Nuevo Día: Keep Asking

GFR Media

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

- Reinforce El Nuevo Día’s value proposition

  • Puerto Rico’s newspaper of record: complete and prestigious

- Get closer to Puerto Rican consumers by reinforcing our strength in content

Brand Positioning Strategy

-         Puerto Rico’s newspaper of record, with an editorial and research team characterized by their depth, trustworthiness, and standard of excellence.

-         It provides me with the deepest, most balanced, and complete answers.


Results for this campaign

Campaign Launch Date: May 30th, 2018

Recent studies showed:

Study: Puerto Rico Readership Pulse 2018 (August 2018) Hosted by: Latino Footprint [N=500]

El Nuevo Día – 58% (Paid Newspaper)

Primera Hora – 52% (Free Newspaper)

El Vocero – 45% (Free Newspaper)

Metro 27% (Free Newspaper)


Study: Readership study 2018 (September/October 2018) Hosted by: The Research Office [N=850]

El Nuevo Día – 56% (Paid Newspaper)

Primera Hora – 53% (Free Newspaper)

El Vocero – 31% (Free Newspaper)

Metro 23% (Free Newspaper)


 After launching the campaign, we saw a continuous growth in digital traffic.


Traffic Results 2018 (Souce: Google Analytics):


4.8MM Users

30.6MM Pageviews



4.8MM Users

29.3MM Pageviews



5.3MM Users

30.6MM Pageviews



6MM Users

37.5MM Pageviews



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