Green Stuff: About Nature Environment and Such …
2019 Winner

Green Stuff: About Nature Environment and Such …

Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

Category Print

Overview of this campaign

Aftenposten Junior has been a tremendous success since we launched the newspaper for kids.

But we did not only make a newspaper in Aftenposten Junior – we made a brand extension reaching an unbroken marked for us. With the new audience we were able to invent events such as “Our earth - Junior”, “Tech Junior”, “Night at the museum”,  the podcasts “Aftenpodden Junior”, bring Aftenposten Junior’s kids journalist to big arenas for live broadcasting and more.  

One of our innovations is “Grønne Greier – om natur og miljø og sånt”, or in English “Green Stuff – about nature, environment and such”.  It all startet when the environment journalist of Aftenposten (Sr.), Ole Mathiesmoen met the cartoonist Jenny Jordal at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015. They connected and made great editorial deliveries for Aftenposten. After their homecoming the pitched and idea to make a cartoon column for kids in Aftenposten Junior. The Editor in Chief of Aftenposten Junior saw the sketches and loved it. And in 2016 the first cartoon spripes were published in the newspaper. It was a great success and shortly after we decided to make it a regular part of the newspapers last page.

In 2017 we looked into making a book out of all this fantastic content. We contacted a book publisher and they loved the idea. Ole, Jenny and the editorial team of Aftenposten Junior worked out a script for the book.

Results for this campaign

When we first saw the book it exceeded our expectations. The book is a magnificent book and it went straight into the best seller list of books sold in Norway.

Due to the initial success we decides to developed a webshop to promote and sell the book. We called it and the sales are promising. The shop is already earning money and we are now looking into additional editorial content to promote on the site.

The most prestigious book price in Norway is called “Brageprisen”. We were ominously proud when Green Stuff was nominated for this price in November 2018. Brageprisen consists of 4 categories, where off one is for Children’s books. To our surprise we were not nominated in this category, but in the one for Science. This gives us further recognition that our content gives great value to our readers.

Now in 2018 “The Bergesen Foundations” has decided to buy the book to all schools in Norway. This ensures that the book will get a national distribution to readers that we would not normally reach.

We have now decides to further develop the project with a series of 3 new books based on Green Stuff. They will be launched in 2019. In total we expect to have a turnover of 2-3 million NOK for this new brand extention on print. Looking forward we have started developing digital content based on Green Stuff on our new digital solution targeting the educational market.


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