Driving Life: Connecting Automotive Brands with Australian Life
2019 Finalist

Driving Life: Connecting Automotive Brands with Australian Life

News Corp

Surry Hills, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

As one of the highest spending advertising categories in Australia, the automotive industry is a key commercial priority for News Corp in maintaining market share. To earn this market share News Corp aims to be an essential part of the media mix of automotive brands.

To rejuvenate sales and trade marketing efforts and seek long term growth opportunities in the category, News Corp sought to revise its customer value proposition (CVP). This CVP was to be refined through deep consumer understanding and the identification of unique consumer engagement opportunities that would provide compelling reasons for automotive marketers to reevaluate News Corp as a marketing services provider.

The CVP was to be packaged in a trade presentation suitable to engage automotive marketers that provided a current understanding of new car buyers, why they read automotive and lifestyle content from News Corp and how that content influences new car purchase.

The research aimed to provide thought-leadership to the industry in the areas of how brand preference is established, the trigger moments that put consumers on the path to purchase and how both professional automotive content and automotive related lifestyle content informs and builds emotional connections with auto brands at stages of the purchase journey. We also wanted to understand consumer perceptions and interest levels in the future of automotive and car buying including technologies such as as autonomous driving.

By understanding consumer needs in the category we aimed to develop content led advertiser opportunities that provided cut-through and differentiation for automotive brands. The research was to inform News Corp commercial strategy and editorial teams in their creation of compelling consumer content ideas that could be leveraged as marketing communication experiences by our automotive brand partners.


Results for this campaign

The consumer research delivered News Corp a deep understanding of Australia’s lifestyle passions and the importance of motoring in enabling the pursuit of those passions. We now understand what content motivates, inspires, improves knowledge, and empowers consumers to feel confident that their car purchase will ultimately enhance their lifestyle.

The research provided insight into the importance of establishing early brand preference, the content linked to lifestyle passions and purchase triggers that can build brand connection and the need to bridge the gap in knowledge of automotive technologies to establish brand trust for the autonomous driving future.  

A News Corp cross-functional team developed a set of 13 content-led commercial opportunities for automotive brands, basing their ideation on this new insight on car buying. These bespoke content executions were designed to meet consumer needs and create cut-through and brand differentiated communication opportunities for automotive brands.

These opportunities are editorially backed, leverage the full suite of marketing services provided by the News Corp network and allow for flexibility in accommodating client objectives.  For example these opportunities ranged from launching an advocacy program aimed at engaging the community to support getting young drivers in safer cars, through to a women focused motoring partnership centred around a video interview series with empowered Australian women about their journeys.

The research and subsequent creation of unique content led to the articulation of News Corp’s CVP of ‘Driving Life: Connecting Automotive Brands with Australian Life’.

The body of work was developed into a compelling trade marketing presentation and video that was showcased in client immersion sessions with all major automotive brands and their advertising agencies.

These sessions provided the platform for our sales teams to articulate a strong reason to engage, evolve perceptions and encourage clients to re-evaluate News Corp marketing solutions.

The approach taken in developing this CVP has been adopted by the business as a blueprint for how the commercial strategy team approach category trade marketing in the future.  


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