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North Sydney, Australia

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

Main campaign objective was to launch a new telecommunication brand (Pennytel) exclusively to our market of 6.9 million people and create a new revenue stream and new retail audience.

Pennytel targets the older demographic in regional Australia with simple, great value plans and traditional customer service. With 50% of our audience aged 50+ and our main footprint across regional markets, ACM is the perfect partner to provide the marketing machine to reach target audience.

ACM’s partnership with MNF Group involves a ‘clip the ticket’ single commission payment on acquisition of sales and a significant share of ongoing gross profit. Effectively ACM has a stake in the lifetime of the customer reinforcing the objective of not just acquisition within the campaign execution but also retention.

Pennytel started with a customer base of zero. It was specifically positioned to the senior demographic as reputable, affordable and approachable with their USP simply being, “If you need to contact us, talk to Robert, an actual person, straight away”. No voice bots, no extended periods on hold, no ringing back half a dozen times and no confusing voice menus. Simply, it was: Do you have a problem? Need an answer or help? Then someone is waiting for your call.

ACM’s first objective was to build the brand, off the back of this USP, through our unused inventory (at no cost to ACM) across all mastheads and platforms, and, due to the nature of the partnership, drive acquisition as quickly as possible.

Secondly, with full transparency of sales data between both partners, and the ability to relate it directly to campaign elements, it was an opportunity for us to clearly demonstrate the strengths of different campaign elements.

With the success of the launch of the brand and its products, it creates the opportunity to work with other partners to establish more product and establish a retail audience for ACM across our traditional channels.

Results for this campaign

Pennytel started 2018 with customer base of zero. Through the use of multiple media assets, solely across the ACM network, targeting a senior demographic, Pennytel has expanded its customer base to over 5,380 active customers within an 11 month period.

The Pennytel campaign included a variety of creative executions from high impact promotion (eg wraps/ DPS/ Broadsheet inserts) timed with the launch of different promotional offerings as well as smaller, simple brand awareness adverting in both print and online.

We utilised the mass reach of our flagship titles including the state-based agricultural mastheads, the 14 regional paid daily titles and their supporting free community titles, along with our national network of Senior publications and their EDM database.

Test, test and further test was our motto, as both offer and execution was fine-tuned during the course of the campaign. Traditionally, as a media publisher, campaigns are booked off the back of discovering the objective of the advertiser, however visibility of the advertisers sales pipeline is non-existent and shared information limited until post campaign if at all. The key to success within this model is the relationship and transparency between both partner and ACM. Transparency across campaign execution and sales pipelines allows key learning to be implemented instantly rather than following a post mortem debrief of a long campaign.

As the brand starts to mature in market, current sales orders are sitting at 450 per week and growing rapidly, with Telstra (MNF’s wholesaler) stating Pennytel is its fastest growing wholesale brand at present. Churn is significantly under industry standard sitting at currently 0.97%

Through the use of the ACM network targeted to the required audience and with the right messaging, ACM has built a viable and competitive telecommunications brand in under a year with increasing sales orders and will expand the product range on offer in 2019. The success of Pennytel will be broadened to other white label, shared revenue partnerships that will establish ACM as a retail provider.


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