News for a New Generation
2019 Finalist

News for a New Generation

VG/Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

Although VG is still a huge success in Norway, it's not given that new generations inherit the habits of the previous. In recent years most news outlets in Norway have seen a steady decline of young readers (below 25).

To learn more about this group's needs and goals, we've had ongoing conversations with 18 to 25 year olds, regarding news habits in general.

We learned that many have a really hard time keeping up. The pace of today’s digital world is a continuous flow of updates, long articles with a walls of text, complicated and often tribal language, fake news and clickbait – making it a burden to stay up to date.

Information overload is real. And many actually give up.

Providing a solution for this group with unmet needs not only helps them in their everyday life, but by extension it can create future readers of VG and other news products - at the same time as being fundamentally valuable to society.

We, a small group of developers, designers and journalists, have made it our mission to provide a new and more effortless way to keep up with news. Focusing on only the most substantial and talked about stories, presenting them in a visual and easy digestible way. Research is and has been crucial input along the way, and during 2018 we've conducted countless surveys, interviews and usability tests.

Results for this campaign

Peil is yet not launched, in a traditional sense of the word.

Contrary to other new initiatives from VG, Peil has deliberately not been run on the front page and not been marketed at any scale. 35 000 downloads has been enough to reach a sufficient amount of early adopters, helping us to further unlock value in Peil.

With a clear focus of solving users needs, our goal has been to steadily increase retention of new users rather than initial growth and volume per sé.

So that when we now scale up, the return on investment is substantially higher than otherwise would be the case.

On a typical day, 40% of users swipe through the entire feed of stories.

A single story typically has an engagement rate of 65-70%

Tests of clearly marked ads, utilizing the same interaction model as for the rest of the product, has given equally high engagement rates as for editorial stories.

More than anything the feedback from our users confirms the learning from the very first interviews we did:

“You make it a thousand times easier to catch what is going on in the world”

“Great app for me, I'm usually not very good at keeping myself updated on news”

“Very cool app. I usually miss out on the news, this is a great idea that makes me engaged in  society”

“Fantastic app. Now I can feel up to date instead of stupid when my friends bring up something from the news”



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