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Overview of this campaign

The campaign was named “Not For Sale: Ending Exploitation of Girls” and was launched on September 28, 2018.

As part of extensive groundwork and research, Herald newspaper columnist and talk-back radio host Kerre McIvor (above) and Herald videographer Mike Scott travelled to the Bihar region in India and Yangon in Myanmar to capture the stories of vulnerable children and their families.

The goals were to raise awareness of the plight for millions of girls, but also to raise $100,000 in donations during the course of the campaign. As well as driving donations and awareness, the campaign offered the audience an opportunity to sign up for more information about World Vision’s work as well as for more information on the journalism being offered by the New Zealand Herald.

A promise was made by World Vision and carried by the New Zealand Herald: Money raised in the campaign would go towards supporting World Vision’s child protection work in Asia. We told the life-changing tale of a sponsor Libby McCarthy. The campaign broke the donation process down into tangible outcomes. Thirty dollars could change children’s lives in India by helping parents understand and speak up for the rights of all children. A $250 donation could help a survivor of trafficking start a new life with basic needs such as clothing and shelter, and life skills training in Myanmar.


Results for this campaign

The stories were compelling and bore witness, unflinchingly, to the reality for many girls in Asia.

One of the video innovations included an opportunity to enter the life of a child bride via Virtual Reality googles and a 360 degree film directed by Gabo Arora and Fifer Garbesi. Another innovation with impact was in Auckland where we had actors Kylie Thompson, 18, and Alan Fish, 55, pretend to get married at St Paul's Church to gauge public reaction. Some passersby turned their heads in horror and muttered words of disgust but none approached the newlyweds. 

By October 14, the campaign had passed the donations target. By November 10, it reached double the target passing the $200,000 mark. World Vision head of marketing and engagement Gareth Owen said the money would be spent in three areas; educating communities and children about child's rights and protection, rehabilitating those who've had their lives turned around and reaching out to officials to try and change the laws.

The Not for Sale series reached more than 462,500 readers and generated more than 653,600 page views. The average page duration for the series was 1minute 16 seconds. The video content overall generated 143,480 video views. The top story of the series was the Auckland "wedding" which was accessed by more than 298,000 UBs and had an average page duration of 52 seconds. This article generated in excess of 336,460 page impressions. Video accompanying the article had 59,970 video views. (Source: Google Analytics, total traffic, Sept 17 2018 - Jan 28 2019, Brightcove video analytics, total traffic, Sept 17 2018 - Jan 28 2019)


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