2019 Finalist

An Inconvenient Truth of Missing Toilets for Women - Pink Toilets

Hindustan Media Ventures

Noida, India

Category Public Relations and Community Service

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Overview of this campaign

The campaign was driven to highlight and execute a corrective action of an existing community malaise hereto unacknowledged.  It buffeted our brand claim of making a positive progressive shift in line with our core proposition of “Tarakki Ka Naya Nazariya” (Progress with a new perspective).

These markets have been in existence since centuries and yet never a voice was raised or the issue given any importance. Neither market associations nor local administrative bodies demonstrated any sensitivity to the needs of the women or paid any attention to this intrinsic problem. While the entire nation was sensitized to the “Clean India” movement, this problem was totally ignored.  Such was the state in the market that either there were no women toilets or if present by any chance they were unmanaged and defunct.

Hindustan started off this campaign with following core objectives:

  • Sensitize the readers on the issue – making consumers aware that “No toilets” is not the norm
  • Aggressive reporting at a hyper local level – surveying and covering the issue market by market
  • Drawing the attention of responsible authorities and civic bodies towards the negligence
  • Facilitate and pressurize the administration to construct new toilets
  • Create buzz around the brand and gain in terms of brand imagery and NPS drivers (Net promoter score – a stringent measure for the newspaper industry in India)
  • Pre campaign data points (top 6 towns)
    • Female population - 5 Cr.
    • No. of big markets – 150
    • Working women – 16.2 Lakh
    • Common toilets - 29 ; Pink toilets  - 00 functional, 5 defunct and non-functional

Results for this campaign

Sustained editorial coverage for 30 days along with face to face interactions with market associations and local administrative bodies showed positive results. Following actions took place as an outcome of this campaign:

  • After the successful execution of the campaign “PINK  TOILET” – toilets exclusively for women - as a term for women toilets was included in the Government cleanliness mission to be driven nationally.
  • Market association showed solidarity with Hindustan and reached out to local administrative bodies to correct the situation and build toilets for women.
  • Women organizations realized the seriousness of the miss and also got into action and demanded corrective action from the local administrative bodies
  • Local administrative bodies – due to the mounting pressure and public outcry - initiated a survey across markets and earmarked locations for the Pink toilets.
  • State government also acknowledged the issue and sanctioned INR 1.22 Bn for this project.
  • Members of legislative assembly too joined the efforts and offered to build 600 toilets from their MLA designated funds.
  • The status report of Pink Toilets is as follows:
    • 219 Pink toilets have been constructed so far in various markets of UP
    • 24 existing common but defunct  old toilets were renovated
    • 65 additional toilets are in the pipeline and under construction
    • The campaign also helped in increasing the brand imagery and key NPS driver “Raises issues and concerns”
    • TOM increased by +5 points and NPS (a very stringent measure for newspaper and Hindustan) scores got boosted by +9 points
    • NPS driver “Raises issues and concerns” moved up by +13 points
    • Hindustan circulation has moved to No 2 position in the market.


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