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Inside Ice Hockey


Gävle, Sweden

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Overview of this campaign

Sports, especially ice hockey, is one of the topics that engage the local publisher Mittmedia’s paying users the most. The local team in each of our cities is one of the things that the inhabitants are the proudest of – and want to know everything about.

After a couple of years with good coverage of the local teams we decided in April 2018 to do a big data analysis of all our content about those clubs, so we could give our users even better content. We analyzed over 1 000 articles to find out how we could succeed in producing more engaging content.

This work ended up with us making a template for how our sports journalists would cover the local team for the season 2018/2019. In that template, based on the data analysis, we set several different targets. For example: we live update from practices with the team, we have a new ranking every week, we have in-depth interviews on a regular basis.

We then anchored the concept with our journalists and at the same time sat down with our art director and the marketing team.

It ended up with a daily commitment to our users - we will have at least one story about the local team every day. Our hypothesis was that we need to give our paying users a promise they can trust. The name is Inside [followed by the respective club name], to show that as a local media company, we are closer to the team than any other media.

The next step was to estimate paying customers page views. We took last season’s numbers, that was already impressive, and then analyzed: how much can we increase our targets with this new concept? We aimed for an increase of 10-40% for each team.

Results for this campaign

From September to December we hit our goals at every local team. If you look overall, at page views from paying customers, the result is:
September: 30 % above target.
October: 20 % above target.
November: 21 % above target.
December: 47 % above target.

If you look at the numbers when we compare September-December in 2017 when we didn´t have the Inside-concept, and the same months for 2018, when we did have the concept, the numbers are even more stunning. We crushed the goals for logged in page views for all the teams and the articles about the teams have been very high up on the lists of most engaging content across all our subjects day after day during the season.

Overall we have increased the paying customer's page views with 69 (!) percent from what we considered an already high number. Team by team, the increase is between 33 and 234 percent. The high increase is not only a success in reach, but most importantly is that it is
proof of engagement from our paying users. Which is the most important thing in our business.

The key factors to the success are:

  • It is based on data analytics.
  • A clear concept and a daily commitment to the users.
  • Live updates from practices and games.
  • Thanks to the template and concept, the journalists have more knowledge about the team and produce better content.
  • 14 highly committed hockey journalists.


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