2019 Finalist

Campaign for Relief to Victims of Landslide Disaster at Uttrakhand

Hindustan Media Ventures

Noida, India

Category Best Public Relations or Community Service Campaign

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Overview of this campaign

The plight of people living in disaster relief camps due to landslides annually at Uttrakhand was very pitiable with victims having no access to any medical support, good rations or even proper tents. While all media highlights the disaster and the lives lost, no one focuses on the plight of the displaced and survivors. The victims were forced to live in self-made cloth tents under very poor hygiene conditions. Added to this was the uncertainty of returning back to their homes due to the endless wait for compensation and alternate living space from the government.


Hindustan embarked on a high profile campaign to highlight the plight of victims of landslide disaster languishing in relief camps in sub human conditions to help them get improved and hygienic living conditions in relief camps and quicken the process of compensation and alternate living space from the governments so that the victims return to their homes from the camps at the earliest.

Results for this campaign

  • For the first time ever in 70 years - because of the impact of our campaign - District Administration officials were forced to visit the disaster affected areas, walking as much as 14 KMs deep into the rural areas, where no motor roads were available.


  • The eligible effected families’ compensation was processed within 3 days for amounts ranging between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1.3 lac per family. Compensation totalling to over 50 crores (Rupees 500 million) was distributed to more than 1000 families who greatly benefitted by getting their compensation speedily and promptly.


  • The pressure created due to the campaign forced the State Government to identify alternate land for allocation to effected families and victims were able to return back from the relief camps within 30 days against the earlier time taken of as much as 8 years!


  • District Administration identified land for allotment to victims who had not received their land allotment for over 8 years!


  • The campaign created a storm in the right quarters and the government took notice of the news highlighted by Hindustan leading to the State evaluating relief initiatives across the entire State and taking the issues on a priority.


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