Chicken Licken Fly-Thru
2019 Finalist

Chicken Licken Fly-Thru

Independent Media

Cape Town, South Africa

Category Best Execution of Print Advertising

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South African Police Services helicopter lands at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to buy a meal.

An Eastern Cape police officer was craving for fried chicken and he landed his work helicopter at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to buy a meal.  The pictures of the landing of the South African Police Services helicopter at Komani Mall Queenstown and of him walking into the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to order a meal went viral on social media. Although this was an unscheduled landing, no harm was done. His identity was not disclosed. After getting his food, he walked back to the helicopter and flew away.

It is not clear what the pilot had for lunch!

The advertising agency for Chicken Licken, who are in opposition to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Joe Public United, saw an opportunity to have a print collaboration with this news story to create a print creative which was topical and would engage with our audience and contacted The Inc which is the National sales arm of Independent Media, who in turn collaborated with the editors who facilitated that the advertisement ran near the article. This was a brilliant tactical campaign.

The Campaign was pitched to Joe Public United, The Advertising Agency on the 28th of October, Sunday morning to Suraya Pillay (Media Director@Joe Public) and the material was sourced by Amber Mackeurtan (Group Account Director @Joe Public). The advertisement was published on Monday, 29 October, 2018 in The Star and Daily News next to the Kentucky Fried Chicken -South African Police Services Helicopter landing News article.




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