Uwaga TVN
2019 Finalist

Uwaga TVN


Warsaw, Poland

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

The viewers tell us about their stories, problems and expect support from our journalists. People call Uwaga’s hotlines, send emails and traditional letters. They are also the good observers. They can see the other people’s problems themselves and say „It’s a news story for Uwaga!” (topic, news item). They know that Uwaga! brings help. But what is the best way to  hear the viewers’ voice? We broadcasted features about suffer these animals in UWAGA! You can watch it on our website uwaga.tvn.pl. We lived up to viewer’s expectations and created a new way of communication. We put their worlds „It’s a news story for Uwaga!” in a hashtag #tematdlauwagi (#newsitemforuwaga) and invited them to deal with Uwaga’s editors on social media’s platforms. People publish their stories in social media using the hashtag #tematdlauwagi in public posts. It is enough to inform/interest our journalists about their issues, because we listen to them while monitoring the web in the real time! They also pin on the hashtag #tematdlauwagi when they comment somebody’s public post. The cooperation of the viewing audience and Uwaga’s editors brings content that we change into the features broadcasted in our show. 



Results for this campaign

In August 2018 we built new hashtag’s platform dedicated to Uwaga. Thanks to that, we are able to analyse all the hashtag’s registrations inside it. Moreover, now the platform has tools, that help us in communication with applicants and build community around the single items. Big human stories we broadcast on TV. Smaller we publish as features or news on Uwaga’s website. In November of 2018, we launched the new website uwaga.tvn.pl/temat-dla-uwag with a page dedicated only to the reportages from hashtag #tematdlauwagi and connected it with hashtag’platform. Thanks to that we can pin on single story to the social hashtag’s map. The social map is a part of Uwaga’s website. You can see there many interesting viewers’ stories in different categories. Success of the #tematdlauwagi can be measured by 300 000 tags used to mark an interesting topic/items/news items to broadcast. That’s why we decided to do the next step in listening to the audience. Uwaga! social media network consists of Twitter and Instagram accounts, YouTube channel (YT/UwagaTVN) and Facebook fanpage (FB/uwagatvn with 437000 fans), just like many other programs. But we don’t need fans, we need the engaged community gathered around the topics we cover. We had started building society around the Uwaga! We had invited people to the private discussions with journalists via Facebook’s Messenger. Early last year we built the Facebook group and gave people space where they can speak freely during the discussion, post and comment. The group members promote reportages, help editors to find attendees to the live programs and suggest journalist, what topics Uwaga! should broadcast. Moreover, ever since the viewers were engaged in creating reportages’ content, there has been a 45 % increase of viewing rates on Uwaga’s internet page. Uwaga! is the only editorial office in Poland which communicates with audience via simply but smart hashtag.


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