The Ocean
2019 Finalist

The Ocean

Dagens Næringsliv

Oslo , Norway

Category Best New Concept or Innovation to Create New Profit Centers

Overview of this campaign

The ocean is Noways most important natural resource, and the main part of the countrys economy. Despite negative growth predictions for Norway’s largest maritime industry, oil and gas, the country faces big opportunities in the sea.   

We are all depended on the world to develop and govern the sea more sustainably, and norwegian companies has a leading role bringign togehter experience from tech / fisheries / offshore / oil & gas. This topic is important, but rarely covered in media.  

The Norwegian Business Daily created a communication plattform for multiple partners, lifting the OCEAN topic in new ways through immersive digital storytelling, dialogue, roundtables and a conference. The collaborative commercial model also echoes the need to cooperate to exploit the ocean smart and sustainably.  

By bringing three leading corporations together in this ground-breaking project, we have opened the door to a downright new way of solving customers' communication needs. In addition to bringing knowledge and insights to the readers, the projects’ alliance formed new, value-creating networks.

The project worked iterativly inn innovativly to meet customer, readers and audience needs throughout a period of 6 months with high visibility in media channels and social.  

The OCEANs key ingredients are storytelling, media distribution and events. Feature stories, were defined in joint effort between the partners and produced by the newspapers inhouse content agency. In order to meet the respective partners specific communication needs each company also got individual stories produced. Web developers and graphic design resources on the team, formed a clear visual identity, elevating the project to a brand itself.  

A big OCEAN event brought together businesses, students, start-ups, politicians and organisations, and this wrapped up the project (see video). 

New thematic plattforms are now developed, using the same business model.    

Results for this campaign

The OCEAN project had ambitious KPIs and was a success on all metrics.  

The combination of storytelling, exclusive meeting points and a big conference effecivly created unprecedented results for the newspaper and the partners.

The target group was twofold: Decision makers, business leaders and highly educated people - premiers in the public debate + broader population, particularly young people who engage in the OCEAN. 

42 % of the total readers of NBD saw the OCEAN project. 
A pre / post-test proved results also in the mindset of readers. 

The goals were:

     1. To raise the reader's knowledge and awareness of the business opportunities within the Ocean. (4 % growth for a well known topic)  

  1. Substantial lift in the positioning of each OCEAN partner within the maritime industry 
    (All partners up between 6-28 %)   

  1. 100,000 (business leaders) page views on the content (Norway is a small country) 
    (Result: 148.000 pageviews + social)    

The project had a £520.000 isolated revenue and was profitable. Several new projects scaled up on the same business model are launched in 2019 forming a new revenue stream that holds 20% of the total ad revenue for the media house. 


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