Le Devoir, Always There!
2019 Finalist

Le Devoir, Always There!

Le Devoir

Montréal, Canada

Category Best New Paid Content Or Subscription Initiative

Overview of this campaign

To identify the main goals of the acquisition campaign, we conducted a rigorous survey of La Presse print edition’s subscribers. Such as: What are their reading habits? What is their perception of Le Devoir? What are their intentions following the demise of La Presse's print edition? We also conducted a study to identify areas with the largest number of La Presse subscribers. This research allowed us to determine:

  • what improvements can be made to our product (content and format) to attract our competitor's former readers;
  • identifying which neighborhoods would potentially have the highest penetration rate, so we can focus on field marketing tactics;
  • what percentage of subscription increase could we expect from this great campaign.

Here are the goals we have set for ourselves:

- a 20% increase in print subscriptions for the Saturday edition;
- reinforcing our brand image by spreading this bold and witty campaign to get the biggest reach possible.


Results for this campaign

Across the province of Quebec, the campaign has increased the number of subscriptions to our Saturday print edition by 22%, even reaching 28% in the Greater Montreal area. Thus, it is fair to say that this goal was successfully achieved.

The overall campaign has reached approximately 2,000,000 people altogether.

The digital campaign alone has reached nearly 1,200,000 people. Videos and GIFs:

  • have been seen nearly 850,000 times;
  • generated about 5,000 reactions;
  • generated nearly 600 comments;
  • were shared nearly 900 times;
  • generated 45% of the 25,000 visits to the microsite during the campaign. (https://www.ledevoir.com/papiersamedi

The campaign was very well received and drew media attention as well as great enthusiasm among the general public. We therefore achieved our goal to strengthen Le Devoir’s brand image with great success.



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