VK Super Star Raita- Farmer Awards - Connecting Agriculture based National & Local clients to Farmer community in Karnataka State
2019 Finalist

VK Super Star Raita- Farmer Awards - Connecting Agriculture based National & Local clients to Farmer community in Karnataka State

Metropolitan Media Company

Bengaluru, India

Category Best New Concept or Innovation to Create New Profit Centers

Overview of this campaign

Context 1: Karnataka is an Agrarian Economy, contributes more than 11% of India’s agricultural produce. Over 65% of the land is utilised for agriculture and around 60% of the people undertake agriculture as their primary occupation.

Objective 1: Creating a business opportunity which would include a significant population of the state.

Context 2: Karnataka based Agri-related businesses have not shown preference to use print media in their regular media plans. Their preference was observed to be more towards on-ground activities, directly connecting them to the farmers of the state. Thus, newspapers had very little or no ads from the Agri clients.

Objective 2: Create a business opportunity where print media brought together agriculture business closer to the farmers of the state. A campaign close to the farmer community which no other media house in the region had created.

Context 3: The farmer community in a large state like Karnataka heavily relies on monsoon (rains) for their crops. The sentiment during 2017-18 has been low due to poor rains resulting in droughts. The government policies towards farmers have also not been very encouraging. Thus, resulting in high number of deaths amongst farmers.

Objective 3: Create a celebratory, star-like sentiment amongst farmer community, also spread the success stories of star farmers in the region who have achieved good crops despite poor rains. Seek State Government support to make a credible campaign. Creating a campaign thereby, which suits Vijay Karnataka’s strategic pillar of Empowering Kannadigas.

Results for this campaign

Methodology: Vijay Karnataka created a state-wide campaign: VK Super Star Raita(Farmer). The campaign recognised progressive Star farmers who have achieved bumper crops by adopting innovative ideas/techniques. Campaign designed in 2-fold, regional district-level events where farmers were felicitated and a state-level finale where Top 20 farmers would be awarded the title ‘VK Super Star Raita’.

The client partnerships were offered as state-level sponsors and regional level sponsors. This split was chosen to encourage small, district level clients who would not have budgets to participate in a state-wide campaign.

VK created a 360-degree campaign to invite entries from farmers by using mediums like print, on-ground (pasting posters in agriculture markets), Radio, SMS, WhatsApp to databases from an agriculture product supplier. Created a buzz about the district-level events by utilising its grass-root level reporters and stringers to collect nominations from farmers. VK main edition, Special pull-outs and hyper-local supplements were used to cover the district-level events. Local television channels and digital media were utilised to broadcast these events. 182 Star farmers were identified which included women, disabled, old & young farmers across agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry & fisheries. The success stories were published to help other farmers achieve better crops in future.

Result 1: Boosted the agriculture business vertical with tremendous response across the country. More than 150 clients participated in the campaign which panned 20 district-level events and 1 mega finale. Regional and state-level sponsors got an opportunity to engage with farmers in each of the 21 events. Across regions, clients could engage with more than 6500 farmers through routes like: Product sampling/testing, freebies/vouchers, trials, product presentations and literature of their products.  

Result 2: VK spread the success stories across the state to empower millions of farmers and encouraged women farmers and youngsters to persist with agriculture. VK’s unique initiative received appreciation from farmers, Government officials, bureaucrats, doyens of agri-biz & leaders of agri-universities.


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