How To Make a Product Users Actually Need: Innovation Framework in DN
2019 Finalist

How To Make a Product Users Actually Need: Innovation Framework in DN

Dagens Næringsliv

Stabekk, Norway

Category Culture and People

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Overview of this campaign

Dagens Næringsliv (DN) have a strategy with must win battles such as "innovation: creating product and services user love and companies will pay for" and "winning the young". To win these battles, we had to develop an innovation culture, and make our employees capable of generating ideas and hypotheses, understanding user needs, make prototypes and test for product/market fit without too much hassle and initial investments.

Our main objective in 2018 was to introduce such a framework and use best practices from lean innovation to find "the DN way" of doing innovation. We have a strong editorial history, with the print newspaper as our main source of income, and average users are 46 years old, while the future is digital, and we need a younger audience.

There was no time to wait - we had to find a comprehensible and effective framework ASAP!

Results for this campaign

Together with Sprint Consulting, specialist on lean innovation, we set up a small project during the summer 2018. We had two summer interns (students) onboard, and decided to both create "the DN way" of doing innovation and kick-start the must win battle "winning the young" at the same time. We were able to test best practices for lean innovation with the concrete goal of engaging more students.

The outcome was what we hoped for:

  • We now have a comprehensible four step innovation framework 
  • All employees have been given an introduction to the framework
  • A crossfunctional "battle team" are set up - almost all departments have their own representative in the team. Members follow up initiatives and help other employees with the tools
  • We have interview guides for problem- and solution interviews, and experimentation reports
  • We use the lean canvas to create business plans, and use less time on huge business cases and long presentations
  • Six ideas are going through the innovation process at the moment
  • Two MVPs are live and we are testing them with real users and potential customers
  • The word "iterate" has become a natural part of the conversation inhouse, not only in the innovation projects, but other work processes as well



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