World Cup Game by Denner
2019 Finalist

World Cup Game by Denner

FehrAdvice & Partners AG

Zurich, Switzerland

Category Best Use of Mobile

Overview of this campaign

Initial situation/Objective

Denner is the leading discounter in Switzerland with more than 800 shops. New target groups, especially young and digitally skilful Swiss, shall be addressed and led into local shops through the World Cup Game by Denner, which was developed according to behavioral economic principals.

Details of implementation

Top Level Layer Technologie (TLLT) was used to implement the World Cup Game into the existing Denner app. The user is led to the World Cup Game platform by clicking on a banner on the start screen in the Denner app.

The possibility to collect the jerseys of the championship teams lay at the core of the World Cup Game by Denner. If the chances of the team decreased, so did the value of the jersey and the jersey could be returned. Cup coins formed the virtual currency. The more cup coins a user possessed, the bigger were the chances to win the main prize: a Denner gift card of CHF 10,000 for an annual shopping. Furthermore, prizes in form of Denner products, of a total value of more than CHF 500,000, were digitally drawn. These could be redeemed in the shops to bring customers and non-customers to the point of sale.

Additionally, the World Cup Game by Denner provided users with the latest news regarding the World Cup 2018. In addition to 150 articles in German and French as well as quiz games and votings, a live ticker with tables and game previews was set up to inform the users about the World Cup and the best possible way of collecting jerseys.

A performance campaign was put into place: Facebook, Instagram and the programmatic network Ad Unit were notably used. Further measures included a specific landing page and a blog, aligned with Denners own media channels.

Results for this campaign

Link to the App:


The World Cup Game by Denner got excellent results:

 - The app was downloaded about 72,000 times within seven weeks.

- 29'000 people were frequent gamers (=user opened the App 5 times or more).

- An average app session lasted 8 minutes.

- The android app was constantly ranked in the top 25 during the World Cup and ranked in the top 5 in the category of shopping apps within Switzerland.

- Almost six million trades with Cup coins were made during a game.

- 450’762 prizes were played out to the World Cup Game participants and 109’000 prizes redeemed in the Denner shop.

 “In cooperation with FehrAdvice & Partners, Russmedia and Styria Content Creation, we accompanied Switzerland through the World Cup with games, fun and information. We are very proud of the results and are looking forward to the next World Cup”, states Andreas Honegger, corporate development at Denner.


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