The Pathway to DinnerTime
2019 Winner

The Pathway to DinnerTime

News Corp

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

In late 2017 MFA was the fourth largest and the second fastest growing supplier within the top ten suppliers of the dry grocery category in Australia (excluding private label). MFA’s business objective was to become the fastest growing supplier within the top ten dry grocery suppliers in Australia. Knowing that most (70%) of their growth opportunity existed from within the category itself, MFA developed the strategic platform ‘Make Dinnertime Matter’ to invigorate Australia’s emotional connections between food, cooking and family and increase the frequency of cooking meals at home. In order for MFA to achieve their objectives, they needed a marketing partner who could enable them to own the dinnertime occasions of as many Australian households as possible: In their own words, they needed to “fish where the fish swim”. So in 2018 MFA partnered with News Corp Australia’s Food Corp network, Australia’s biggest food media group, which reaches 8.3M Australians and influences 47M meals every month with Australia’s largest food media brands, and delicious.

Together with MFA, Food Corp identified three key insights using first party data (generated by 60M data points daily). Firstly. whilst Australia's dinner repertoire was founded on 10 general dishes, home cooks were hungry for new ways to personalise or modify their repertoire to create a new spin. Secondly, time is always a challenge with the core target audience being noticeably time poor yet still feeling compelled to deliver a wholesome and satisfying dinner experience for their family. Finally we identified that health concerns are high on the audience’s agenda. With this in mind, the campaign objective became clear: Food Corp needed to help our audience make their own dinner-times matter by adding excitement to their repertoire, providing time saving yet delicious recipe ideas and offering solutions that meet their health requirements all the while placing MFA (spearheaded by hero brand Masterfoods) at the centre of the conversation.

Results for this campaign

The campaign was active five months and consisted of a significant amount of content creation, brand integration and tactical, contextually relevant media placements across several Food Corp brands and multiple platforms including digital/website (desktop and mobile), social and print (magazine). Overall, the campaign yielded 18 newly created data-informed recipes, all integrated into and recipe databases, a bespoke Dinner Time Zone destination, housing six sponsored recipe collections (consisting of over 3,000 recipes), a Christmas Dinners Zone, ensuring seasonal relevance, 19 pieces of branded content, 60 social media posts, display media and integrated editorial drivers. In addition to this, Food Corp also re-branded 300 existing recipes for MFA. This process involved identifying which recipes were the most popular (by page views) and changing the generic ingredient listing to include the Mars brand name, for example ‘1 tsp dry garlic powder’ was updated to “1 tsp Masterfoods dry garlic powder”. We knew that this would deliver results for Mars because 47% of our audience told us that they would buy the specific brand that mentioned within the ingredients. Overall, individual recipes that included a Mars branded ingredient were viewed over 4.255M times and printed out over 110,000 times (that’s almost 1,000 per day).

Key Sales Results which can be correlated to the success of the partnership show that in three key categories that were the focus of the campaign included  Flavoured Sauce, Herbs & Spices + Uncle Ben’s Ready to Heat Rice were up 8.1% points on 2018, during the same 3 month period.  Penetration growth also accelerated during the campaign period and 4 weeks following.


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