How Super Topics Changed the Way Ekstra Bladet Works With Paid Content
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How Super Topics Changed the Way Ekstra Bladet Works With Paid Content

Ekstra Bladet

Coptenhagen, Denmark

Category Digital Subscriptions

Overview of this campaign

Since 2013 Ekstra Bladet has focused on succeeding with paid content.

But about four years after, the subscription base had stagnated, and sales were declining. With a strategy to reach 70,000 subscribers by the end of 2020, a new approach to paid content was necessary.

Ekstra Bladet changed the existing way of working and created a new universe, which was built around the editorial "super topics".

Super topics are, in short, content that can both sell new subscriptions and maintain existing ones and is typical Ekstra Bladet content.

With a dominant market share in Denmark on free content we knew that there was great potential for new subscribers.

But we were struggling with maintaining our customers.

The users gave us clear message. They stopped because they didn't get enough value out of their subscription.

We discovered that the more often we published content within a Super topic theme, the higher loyalty.
The core content for Ekstra Bladet+ had to be something that had potential for more sales and higher retention.

By thoroughly going through all the editorial topics, the analysis department found the core themes that led to conversion.
And equally important, content that we could produce often enough to create loyalty, so the subscriber experiences that there is more content that interests them.

Three editorial steps:

  1. Establish the super topics on the six editorial teams we have on Ekstra Bladet.
  2. Teach the editors how to work with Super Topics.
  3. Develop content that could support Super Topics such as TV productions, documentaries, PODcast and strong experts.

Examples of Super Themes from four different editorial teams:

  • Sport: Kevin Magnussen (Formula 1)
  • Crime: Rocks and gangs
  • Flash: Known money
  • Privacy: Health (common diseases)



Results for this campaign

The benefits were many

  • The editors now knew the baseline for their work in Plus, which made their idea development even more targeted
  • Subscribers experienced a better value from their subscription
  • Communication around Ekstra Bladet+ internally and externally became easier

And the results appeared immediately. From just having a growth of subscribers during tactical campaigns, it resulted in net growth continuously through the whole year of 2018.

The figures

  • Within 3 months, we increased the weekly organic net growth by 160%
  • Within 2 weeks we increased sales by 23%
  • Within 3 months we increased sales by 50%
  • In 2018 we increased our total customer base by 23%

This was the case before Super Topics at Ekstra Bladet:

  • Focus on super-selling one-off stories -> high amount of sales, but huge drop-out rates
  • Defocusing in the editorial teams, who did not know the recipe for good plus content
  • Lack of core Ekstra Bladet content
  • Too much content that could not sell
  • Many campaigns with high sales but subsequently equally large dropouts
  • Several weeks with negative net growth
  • Decreasing sales

This is the case after Super Topics were introduced at Ekstra Bladet:

  • More articles sell well - and we can maintain our customers because we deliver more similar an therefor relevant content
  • The editorial teams know on what topics they primarily should focus on developing ideas
  • A lot more content from ALL editors
  • Less content that does not sell
  • Many more weeks with positive net growth

The Super Topics took Ekstra Bladet+ to a higher level in 2018, and will continue to do so in the coming years.


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