Vegard X Funkygine
2019 Finalist

Vegard X Funkygine


Oslo, Norway

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

VGTV is one of the biggest online video platforms in Norway. But like many publishers, VGTV faced a big challenge reaching out to young girls. Especially the ones between 13 and 24 years old.

At the beginning of 2018 we teamed one of VGTV’s most popular profiles, Instagram star Vegard Harm, together with Norway’s biggest fitness influencer, Jørgine Vasstrand. At this point Vegard was in really bad physical shape, and we invited the audience to follow his journey to become stronger, more confident and more independent - everything with a touch of humor.

Over the course of seven months we produced 44 episodes of the «Vegard X Funkygine» series. The episodes were short and snappy, with sporadic and near real time publishing. The viewers got to see Vegard being pushed to the limit, and Jørgine also gave him fun challenges - from horseback riding with the Royal princess of Norway, to training with Olympic gold winning skier Johannes Klæbo.

Our distribution strategy was all about reaching the youngsters on their own premises. The episodes were published on both VGTV's own platform and our YouTube channel. Social media also played a big part: From Vegard, Jørgine and VGTV’s Instagram accounts, over one million followers were linked directly to the episodes. In addition to this, the videos were published on Jørgine’s fitness blog.

Considering the major theme of the series is fitness, we also faced challenges on how to present the content while reinforcing a positive body image. Seeing as young girls are especially susceptible to beauty ideals, we had to make sure to focus on the mental and physical health benefits - not the number on the weight scale. The audience has given great feedback on the positive body focus.

Results for this campaign

So far, the series has gained over 17 million views. By implementing a new distribution strategy we managed to reach out to a completely new audience. As many as 65 percent of the viewers are young girls between 13 and 24 years old, twice as much as VGTVs general rating for this target audience. A large majority consume the content on their phones - with a great completion rate. Pretty impressive numbers considering Norway is a small country of only five million inhabitants.

Usually VGTV get most of its traffic from the front page of the mothership VG, but in this case the majority of the traffic was driven from social media. We are eager to add the strategy to new projects.

When the duo were interviewed on Norway’s most famous talk show, «Senkveld», the hosts referred to «Vegard X Funkygine» as the most popular TV show in the country among youngsters. This was a pretty big deal - especially considering our production team consisting of only two full time employees. As a bonus, our ability to connect with the target audience has led to significant advertising deals.

Vegard and Jørgine have been getting tons of feedback from people cheering them on, and VGTV’s social media accounts have been flooded with fans eager for the next episode. Through «Vegard X Funkygine» we were able to introduce hundreds of thousands of young people to VGTV, thus expanding and strengthening our brand. We know that preferences are established at an early age, and feel confident that this project has led VGTV on the right track towards the future.


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