Derby Fest
2019 Finalist

Derby Fest

USA Today Network - Gannett

Indianapolis, United States

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

The main objective was to partner with the Kentucky Derby Festival to help them better share their stories with the Louisville community. Building awareness, increasing attendance and excitement for events was key, but they also wanted to make people aware of all the history and hard work that goes into the Festival, as well showcase some of the individuals that make it all happen. By transitioning the print guides into a multimedia interactive experience, our objective was to not only promote the events, increasing attendance, but also broaden the ways in which Kentucky Derby Festival could connect and engage with them.


Results for this campaign

The results of this transition have been outstanding. In the previous year, the print guide delivered approximately 700k impressions and reached a little less than half of Louisville adults. By creating, distributing and promoting the Derby Festival print and digital sections and content, we were able to grow the number of impressions served by 300% and the reach of Louisville adults by 70%.

On social media, the content reached nearly 1MM people in Louisville and tens-of-thousands of them engaged or shared the content via social media channels. The content articles, photo galleries, infographics, quizzes and videos combined had more than 600K page views on the Courier Journal site. Due to the overwhelming success of this campaign, the 2019 Derby Festival section will be live once again in February.


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