Die Burger Eastern Cape Frequency Change
2019 Finalist

Die Burger Eastern Cape Frequency Change


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Overview of this campaign

Die Burger Frequency Change main objective was to successfully migrate our print only readers to the weekly weekend edition and onto Netwerk24. With this in mind targets were set for print sales, digital subs and single copy sales. A critical componenet was also the advertising revenues that we needed to retain through this transition. Having taken 5 days of print away from readers, we absolutely had to convince the market that our weekly edition had all th econtent they were accustomed to and so much more.

For advertising revenues from the 6 day week printed edition we needed to create that much more value with print+online advertising solutions for local and national clients.

The weekly print broadsheet offering needed to keep our readers engaged and informed with up to date news, business, sport and advertising content. The tabloid offering was a new addition that our readers would enjoy a laid back experience with that included lifestyle, food, leisure, property, money matters, motoring and school content. All of this with a more regional Eastern Cape focus.

We had to translate this into an attractive and creative marketing strategy to keep our readers enthuised and curious about what to expect from 21 July 2018.




Results for this campaign

The broadsheet includes all main news stories in the same format as our readers were used to but now including even more regional/local (Eastern Cape) content than before. The publication was modified to add new elements such as then and now, from 50 years ago, and a news snippet from each town in the Eastern Cape that represents the Afrikaans audiences.The Naweek tabloid supplementincludes 24 pages of food, travel, sport, school, property, motoring and much more lifestyle elements. The idea of the tabloid and broadsheet split was to enable the husband to enjoy his broadsheet news read, while the wife indulges the Naweek supplement at the same time. We have completely avoided the “fight” over the newspaper. Here too, regional focus on content remains high priority.On Netwerk24, our readers enjoy everything we offer for Die Burger Eastern Cape, plus, 35 other Afrikaans dailies and free local papers in PDF, published by Media24 in the country. Further to this online on Netwerk24, readers have access to Media24’s big 11 Afrikaans magazine titles. The price point for the various packages that subscribers could enjoy was now more affordable and offered much more value for money. The price point is 37% lower than the 6-day print subscription, and with so much more access to content than just a single brand.

We have also retained 67% of print revenue vs an assumption of just 30%. Circulation revenue for print was retained at the expected 20% and single copy sales are up 2800 (+27%) copies every Friday. Total circulation for Die Burger Eastern Cape is up 62% agianst budget and 38% up year on year. These results were achieved through a well designed and well excecuted marketing and communications strategy.





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