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Metro LatAm

Santiago, Chile

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

As OneMetro is currently having a high volume of video consuming as well as video ads inserted on those videos, the team started looking for product development opportunities that will help generating video contents to growth on inventory and as consequence in new audiences.

The team made a business case to define the cost of the video generated to make it profitable.

The cost that Metro should be able to pay for video was defined based of numbers on average of video views on the website as well as the average CPM of the advertisement placed on those videos. As result, it was a $40 USD ideal cost per video.

By the end of 2016, the first pilots were created in order to achieve the goal set on costs of full productions and after some adjustments it ended up costing about $38 per video.

The goal was to use this material generated to empower OneMetro’s verticals. In order to do that, it was decided to not create a dedicated website but create a white label brand called Sagrosso.

It is referred as white label because it could be modified and adjusted to be inserted on any OneMetro product or even any potential customer.

Sagrosso brand also had to be a community of food lovers that could also consume OneMetro’s related content, so the best option to build that community and keep it engage was on a Facebook page.

Results for this campaign

Just after the 1 day of launch on Facebook, one of the videos reached (100% organic) over 1 million of views and over 5 millions of people reached.

After 3 months of adjustments the page started growing organic reaching second million of views and by the following month, a single video reached over 5 millions of views. All this traffic was made organic using Metro’s verticals to drive users to the page.

During this period, the commercial team of Nueva Mujer, a OneMetro Women and Lifestyle vertical. Up to date, 12 new customers were closed and a new commercial plan is currently implement to increase by 400% by the end of the year.

As results, considering the +1,800 original videos generated it has concluded on a Facebook page of 3.1 millions organic followers, +20.01 millions of monthly video views and +19.8 millions of monthly people reached.

Sagrosso is also been using on OneMetro pages to increase engagement on their pages, creating advertising campaigns for their customers, supporting Nueva Mujer contents for their Gourmet Food category and also helped on the development on a whole new vertical in Puerto Rico called Sabrosia PR providing them the video material content to fill this website.


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