Argentinos, A Campaign to Reinforce Our Brand Value
2019 Finalist

Argentinos, A Campaign to Reinforce Our Brand Value


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Best Brand Awareness Campaign

Overview of this campaign

The main objective of the campaign “Argentinos” was to showcase and highlight quality journalism. This is the attribute that best defines us, and the one that sets us apart.


In addition, the tone of the new campaign (more intimate and seeking to reach a young audience) moved away from the style of communication of previous years, when the brand used institutional campaigns as a means of defense against the constant attacks of the government in national power during the decade 2003-2015.


The campaign had the following secondary objectives:

  • To support the brand in order to maintain or exceed audience levels (in both, printed and digital versions)
  • To continue paving the way to charge for its digital content.
  • To reinforce brand values: quality, closeness, leadership, scope and more technology.

Results for this campaign

Online media

3.8M views on YouTube and Facebook

50.89% coverage on YouTube and Facebook (total universe of the 15+ target: 17.7M)


Offline media

216.7M contacts, with a frequency of 41 impacts per person

96% coverage (total universe: 5.4M)



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