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2018 Finalist - reinventing local guides

OVB24 GmbH

Rosenheim, Germany

Category Social Media

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Overview of this campaign

We wanted to create a modern local guide that everyone in and around our main city of Rosenheim (60.000 people) knows and talks about. Our goals were the following:
  • Create true audience value by giving listings credibility through a simple way of user voting.
  • Use our corresponding news portal to reach people in and around Rosenheim promoting the listings and motivating them to vote.
  • Leverage our Social Media Accounts on Facebook and Instagram to promote the listings in hope of creating viral effects in terms of voting appeals from businesses and users personally involved in those businesses.
  • Create and grow a new audience on to be attractive for the business owners to pay for premium entries.
  • Create a new profit center with significant long-term contribution to our bottom line.
  • Create value for the news portal and social accounts by distributing relevant content for our users as a side effect.

Results for this campaign

Four months after launch, results have been quick and way above expectations. Audience on the new site is growing steadily with each new listing we add. In December, we already had 15.000 active users on the page and more than 53.000 within the whole period. They have quickly adopted to the voting mechanic pressing the Facebook Like Button next to their favorite business. Casting about 3391 votes per month, the value of rankings increases over time attracting more users.
Every week we push one list through promotion on our corresponding Facebook and
Instagram accounts and on our news portal rosenheim24. As the Facebook posts create lots of engagement, we see post reach of up to 42.000 people. Also, every week we see postings on Facebook of businesses and individuals appealing to their friends and fans to vote for them.
By steadily adding new listings and receiving additional votes, the quality of increases over time creating evermore value for advertisers and
audiences alike. Thus, we are also very optimistic about the long-term perspective of our subscription based premium entry business model. Results have already been great so far. We managed to sell more than 50 premium entries in the first four months making up 20.000 € in revenue. Our goal was 100 sales within the first year. We even get customer requests for premium entries even before the listing is promoted.


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