2018 Finalist


Independent Media

Cape Town, South Africa

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

We were faced with the serious challenge of declining print revenue, and shrinking motoing clientbase, due to the motoring market moving online, favouring the high response, lead management tools that digital had to offer. 

We generated substantial traffic from IOL motoring which cariried motoring editorial content, but no used or new car inventory, which proved that the market had an apetitie for quality motoring content. Our motoring competitors lacked in content, but are strong on stock.

Drive 360 was launched as our motoring solution to the marketplace offering, quality content (motoring news, brand launches, test drives, brand info) with hyper local dealer showrooms carrying quality stock. We introduced online reputation management for motoring dealers ( The first in SA), making us the trusted credible place to buy and sell cars. Dealers are rated and reviewed adding credibilty , and improving sales lead conversion for the dealer. 

We offer a 360 multi-media solution, we launched a national weekly print supplement (Drive360) carrying regional content, going out to dedicated readers all over SA, along with a dynamic highly responsive, hyper local website, featuring dealer ratings and reveiws. Offering self service dealer showrooms, allowing the dealer the opportunity of loading he's own stock.

We introduced a private showroom element, which allows private sellers to upload their vehicle for free, and be contacted through the dealer alert system to be contacted by dealers looking for their specific vehicle type.

Results for this campaign

The launch of Drive 360 has enabled our sales teams to not only retain our clientbase, but have increased our share of market across all regions.

The digital platform has grown our overall database, by securing new accounts that only operate on digital platforms, growing our online inventory substantially

The 360 solution has assisted our declining print revenue, by giving clients a bundled package as apposed to a 1 platform deal.


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