The Straits Times x G2000 branded series

The Straits Times x G2000 branded series

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Singapore, Singapore

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

G2000 launched a new collection and associated this with PEMBs who are working for more than monetary gains. They kickstarted Gen 2: Work For Values campaign and ran that via their own site.

However, the brand needed to stregthen and seed that message to the local audience without going down the advertising route. The problem they faced was not knowing how to create a dialogue surrounding their tactical message. They knew that we had access to the local readers across the SPH networks and wanted to lean on our platforms and heavyweights for credibilty.

As a solution to their tactical needs, we created a series of three, 60-second videos that featured individuals who were working for more than monetary gains. We shortlisted a few local names from various industries whose stories provided a narrative compelling enough to stir an emotion or a thought for the audiences on social media, with the constraints of budget in mind. 

This trilogy on surpassed industry benchmarks of pure branded content.


Results for this campaign

Retaining audiences’ attention for more than 60sec

Each of the video-led branded content had a healthy dwell time of above 2min 20 secs. This means that readers weren’t just watching the video but they were also reading the accompanying short story; a mark of engaging content that piqued the reader’s interest.

Overall, in terms of PVs, UVs and dwell time on article level, ST x G2000 branded series performed 50% than other branded content series that have ran on ST online.

Lead generation for G2000 is another noteworthy point as the campaign had a better CTR of 1.2 per cent as compared to other branded content series.

We credit the campaign’s success to the authentic content and non-disruptive storytelling technique, which had subtle corporate branding for brand recall. The insights to Nicholas Ng, Patricia Tanuwija, and Kendra Liew, weren’t just stories; they were inspirational narratives that audiences from various age groups took well to. 

Amplifying content beyond SPH’s network

We took this trilogy to social media and boosted each video natively for $21 on BrandInsider’s Facebook page – the digital content marketing arm of SPH Content Lab.

FB audience had a great reaction to the videos, where the best performing one featuring florist Patricia Tanuwija of Petite Fleur received about 9,100 video views, 62 shares, 353 reactions and 20 comments, reaching about 25k users. Organic reach was 71%.

This video branded series was a success for both the client and us as publisher. We managed to seed the advertiser's messages within editorially-driven stories that connect on both an emotional and a cognitive level.


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