Maharashtra Independent Thought Booklet
2018 Finalist

Maharashtra Independent Thought Booklet

Dainik Bhaskar Group

Bhopal, India

Category Best New Print Product

Overview of this campaign


  • The Indian state of Maharashtra has a cluttered media-scape with over 15,673 registered newspapers.
  • Competing against seasoned market leaders, Divya Marathi, a young Marathi newspaper had to arrive at a distinct positioning.
  • A qualitative research conducted by Market Sapience, followed by focused group discussions, showed ‘independent newspaper’ as a possible positioning platform.
  • We decided to work on the insight - “Only an independent newspaper can help a reader form an independent opinion” as we launched the ‘Swatantra Vrittpatra’ campaign.

Objective: To build excitement and vigor around the ‘Swatantra Vrittpatra’  (Independent Newspaper) campaign by designing an interesting booklet on ‘Independent Thinking’.


Results for this campaign

1 million copies of the booklet were shared in schools, colleges and libraries across 8 cities in Maharashtra. After all, only an independent newspaper can inspire people to initiate their journey of independent thoughts!



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