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Where Innovation Takes Flight


Melbourne, United States

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Overview of this campaign

Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) has experienced continuous growth as a business and industrial park, and is poised to expand passenger and commercial flight operations. Home to more than 50 tenants, both large and small, the airport’s footprint in Brevard County and its economic impact on the region are significant. MLB was looking for a marketing solution that would not only increase passenger load and capacity, but would also elevate their status as a community asset and strategic partner in the aerospace industry. The FLORIDA TODAY team worked with MLB to position them as the official sponsor for our space launch coverage, creating a strong association with the aerospace industry and showcasing them to key stakeholders, spectators, space enthusiasts, and tourists throughout Brevard County, often referred to as The Space Coast. When there’s a space launch, all eyes turn towards FLORIDA TODAY. In 2017, FLORIDA TODAY platforms earned 20 million total media impressions. For the eight space launches that happened between March-July 2017, audiences engaged with our live update modules for 3.4 million minutes and spent an average of 10.5 minutes on the page. 2017 space launch-day stories and live on-site video feeds saw up to 64% higher page views per day than average. For MLB – a client looking to elevate their status as a strategic partner in the aerospace industry – harnessing this premium space content and launch coverage while leveraging the FLORIDA NEWSROOM’S expertise was a unique marketing solution that garnered impressive results.

Results for this campaign

The campaign is driven by a digital strategy that combines ongoing campaign execution with pulsed assets timed to space launch days:

Display, high impact and mobile first impressions; pulsed with additional high impact, front page placement on print edition, and brand placement within live chat module and Facebook live feeds on space launch and relaunch days.

In the period of August 14 - November 1, 2017, covering seven space launches, sponsorship messages were delivered over 1.5 million times. Impressions from pageviews of floridatoday.com, Facebook video views, LiveStream video views, ScribbleLive Ad impressions USAToday.com, and all digital display ad impressions from Floridatoday.com totaled 1,766,877.

Facebook reached 5,199,504, earning 11,828 emotions and further shared 18,364 times.


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