One in Five Million

One in Five Million


Wellington, New Zealand

Category Best Use of New Technology To Generate Revenue and Engage

Overview of this campaign

In our coverage of New Zealand's 2017 General Election, we were determined to help people appreciate their own place in a kaleidoscope of differences.

Seeing the stark polarisation that marked the US Presidential election and Brexit, we sought to bring New Zealanders together with stories and data helping them understand their similarities and differences with their compatriots.

The result, 'One in Five Million', combined data journalism, interactive design and powerful storytelling to inform New Zealanders about themselves - just as they made a major decision on their future.

The project also aimed to support Stuff's membership strategy and to bring in new revenue via a major sponsor.


Results for this campaign

One in Five Million was launched on September 11, two weeks before New Zealanders went to the polls to elect a new Government. In each of the last 12 days of the election campaign, stories from the One in Five Million series were among the top five most-read on Stuff - often the highest-rating story of the day during the busiest news period of the year. Overall, the 19 stories in the series achieved 2.7 million page views.

Each story included one of 11 interactive mini calculators on an aspect of life (such as). The calculators, each informed by robust data sources, returned information to the user about themselves in comparison with other Kiwis. At the bottom of the mini calculators, people were invited to view all 11 categories on a separate One in Five Million homepage.

To use the calculators on the One in Five Million page, users had to login or sign up as Stuff members. This initiative led to the creation of 2500 new accounts.

There were a total of 950,000 interactions with the One in Five Million tools, including in-story tools and the main page.

The project was also a commercial success for Stuff. We secured a six-figure sponsorship deal with AA Life, an insurance company.



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