Nordea - the Smart Concept 2.0
2018 Finalist

Nordea - the Smart Concept 2.0

Bonnier News Brand Studio

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Nordea’s go-to-market strategy is to promote their experts by making them influencers, and via credibility and likeability drive thought leadership. Bonnier News Brand Studio and “The Smart Concept” have given them a platform, reach, ideas and credibility in execution. With this concept, we have taken the native TV business to the next level at Bonnier News (including some of Sweden's biggest newspapers: Expressen, Dagens industri, Dagens Nyheter, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Sydsvenskan, with a combined reach of five million weekly unique users). By using the high-tech television studios at Expressen – the second biggest newspaper in Sweden – we have revolutionized the way we produce native TV and how we integrate experts, topics and graphical elements from the clients.

 Our collaboration with Expressen’s editorial television team played a crucial part in bringing the production to the highest quality. The program is recorded in Expressen’s top modern television studio, where we received technical support and other necessary knowledge for creating the television of the future. We have also had a much appreciated collaboration with Sweden’s new economy tv-channel, Di TV, where ”The Smart Concept 2.0” has been distributed right after the popular show “Börsmorgon”.

Results for this campaign

From a profitability point of view this case case is all about margins, leveraging existing investments and how insights driven value based client interaction drive business growth. By using Expressen’s studios and tech staff we are able to exclude external production agencies. Instead we are generating revenue cross internal departments. The concept has inspired several other customers at Bonnier News to make similar native television programs, which truly has increased the revenues in this business area.

In addition to creating a television program that really interests and engages the Swedish people as much as this content has done, this concept is a true pioneer. ”The Smart Concept” was Bonnier News’ first concept where we operated the entire business from planning, scripting, production of social media content, media movies and much more. It has served as a billboard to the market on how Bonnier News can drive storytelling through TV-concepts and as a stepping-stone for Bonnier News Brand Studio and Bonnier News Sales in dialogues with other clients, showcasing our full native partnership capabilities. The Bonnier News Brand Studio model (insight-strategy-creation-distribution-analysis) makes us a one-stop-shop partner capable of delivering solutions fully aligned with Nordea objectives for Brand consideration drive and go-to-market campaign activities.

The campaign resulted in 22 studio episodes, 5 video reportage, 30 social media videos and 50 native articles that were distributed via Expressen, Dagens industri and Dagens Nyheter. Since we have produced so much material, the cooperation has been a and o in this case. Bonnier News Brand Studio, together with specialists from Nordea, has written numerous manuscripts, produced the shows and been in constant contact with Nordea’s experts who have been an important part of the production.

Thanks to ”The Smart Concept 2.0” Nordea increased its total spend on Bonnier News with a staggering 55 percent compared to 2016 – a receipt that content partnerships are the future for newspapers.


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