JoomBoos magazine from cringe to lit
2018 Finalist

JoomBoos magazine from cringe to lit

24sata d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

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Overview of this campaign

Since JoomBoos is a digital brand, our main objective was to connect with the fans on a whole new level, through print, which is not a very popular format among the generation Z. Furthermore, we wanted to show that print format can become wanted and relevant content for the digital-first generation Z when it's done right. We also wanted to open a whole new revenue stream, opportunities and connect with the advertisers to offer them a new way of promoting their products and services to their desired target.

The themes inside the magazine were all about YouTubers and their life. It covered everything generation Z finds interest in, from life stories, fashion, gaming, fun to educational themes and new video projects. We also made JoomBoos readers the content creators by publishing their photos, stories, and articles in every magazine, which made an even stronger connection between them and JoomBoos brand.

Another distinctive feature was that we made two different covers for each issue of the magazine, using urban, fun and original design. One of the covers was even compiled with profile pictures of our fans on social media. Beside entertaining content, every issue had an awesome JoomBoos gift which our fans could use, from stylish bracelets to the first YouTuber’s calendar.

Results for this campaign

New JoomBoos Videostar magazine was an instant hit. The first issue was sold out in a flash and the second one was flying off the shelves. At this moment, our third issue is in sale, but it's disappearing rapidly.
JoomBoos fans were so thrilled about this new print content, they started posting their photos and selfies with the magazine on Instagram and made up the #videostarmagazine which gathered over 2200 posts.
The campaign numbers were also exciting.
Comparing to Cool, our previous magazine for the generation Z which was shut down, JoomBoos Videostar magazine was sold 1.5 times more. Total circulation revenue was 2 times greater.
Advertisers also recognized the potential of the new print brand and invested 4.1 times more through ads in JoomBoos Videostar than previously in Cool magazine.


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