Smarta Jobb
2018 Finalist

Smarta Jobb

Bonnier News / HD-Sydsvenskan

Malmö, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

The team behind Smarta Jobb (“Smart Jobs” in English) wanted to develop a digital solution providing true value from our local news outlets to the recruitment industry.


For too long, the negative trend for print job postings had been mimicked in digital sales, missing great opportunities to reach out to extremely sought after candidates that were visiting our digital properties on a daily basis..


When researching existing job board solutions provided by digital news outlets, we found that the true strengths of an online news outlet weren’t fully utilized. A modern news company collects and extracts huge troves of data insights, and also has a steady flow of highly qualified professionals visiting their websites who aren’t actively looking for jobs. Understanding that we could do better, we did extensive field research and qualitative interviews and tests with job candidates and recruiters in order to find a perfect product/market fit.


In a time when people are increasingly scared of machines taking over their jobs, we built a machine to help them find a better job even when they’re not looking for one.

Results for this campaign

Our digital revenue from digital job postings increased by 38 percent in 2017, breaking a downward spiral from earlier years. As Smarta Jobb is now our only solution for digital job postings, we predict an accelerated revenue increase this year. Also, we now plan to expand Smarta Jobb to national publications. To add some perspective, our revenue from print job postings decreased by 44 percent in 2017, and 34 percent the year before that.


Recruiters find Smarta Jobb so effective that they now independently promote our service to colleagues and superiors. As a result, Broadbean, a global leader in job postings distribution has contacted us, a local news company in southern Sweden, asking how we can integrate our services with their APIs.


In the process of working with the technology behind Smarta Jobb we have also learned a great deal about how machine learning can be applied in our digital services, something that is of great value to the rest of the organisation.


Perhaps most importantly, Smarta Jobb has helped to affirm the position of HD-Sydsvenskan as a digital media thought leader, providing superior solutions through lean and user focused development. This, in turn, has helped us become a more attractive employer, a reputation HD-Sydsvenskan and our parent company Bonnier News will have good use for, as Smarta Jobb has made the fight for qualified labour even fiercer.


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