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User Activity Tracking Map


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During the fall of 2016 Mittmedia launched its revised paid content strategy. And it has been a huge success.

This was not the first or even the second try to implement a sustainable digital subscription business model.

What was different this time? There was a solid foundation in data.

To drive conversion, more than anything else, we have found that the key to constant improvements lies within the hard work to constantly reassess the data describing the user’s interests, to improve the content, and to find and erase the feeling of friction when going through the paywall funnel.

However, the strive to keep the conversion rate at a high level is only part of the story.

The most crucial aspect of reaching sustainability is the retention of user, to keep the churn levels down.

We have proved, with the help of data, that there is a strong connection between churn probability and the number of articles being consumed per day. A user who consumes one article per day has almost twice the churn probability to a user consuming at least two articles per day.

The number of articles consumed per user is closely connected to the activation frequency of the user. When looking at a visualization of that data it’s obvious that there is a lot of users trailing off, who stays inactive for more than a week at a time. By comparing the users from the different datasets Mittmedia have drawn the conclusion that there is a strong correlation, telling us that a user who is consuming few articles and is staying inactive for a long period of time is also expected to cancel the subscription.

We decided that activation is the most important retention metric for our editors. What’s the most effective way to get the editors to focus on activate the users? Show them the data in a way that they can relate to.

Results for this campaign

For a publisher like Mittmedia, working with local and regional news, it’s crucial that the user feel that we are in proximity. Because we know that it’s the how we stay relevant, by creating content that feels close.

When looking at data, proving the link between activity and user retention, we can actually use this to our advantage, and approach anti-churn from a pure geographical perspective.

To do this we have created something that we call a geo activity map.

The tool is quite simple to overview of the geographical regions that Mittmedia is covering.

What it basically does is that it provides a visualization representing the users with an active paid content subscription plotted on a map. The main purpose of the tool is to understand how different clusters of users are activated throughout the day.

By plotting the coordinates of the content being published, it’s easy to see the correlation between the users and the content. 

More than showing passive and active users, the tools also exposes where churn is currently happening using grey dots.

The most efficient way for us to affect the user activity is to use the geographical push notification feature in MittMedia’s iOS and Android apps. After you send out a push notification you see the red dots on the map turn green.

The geo activity map has also a more strategic value. It’s a tool for helping the editors to decide on publishing routines and verifying that the content is finding its audience.

Mittmedia first started to use the geo activity map in October 2017 and we can clearly see an increase in user frequency.
The months before launch: Active users/day ranged between 50–60%
The months after launch: Active users/day ranged between 60–70%


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