Made in Vorarlberg
2018 Finalist

Made in Vorarlberg


Schwarzach, Austria

Category New Technologies

Overview of this campaign

Vorarlberg Tourismus was set up to promote Vorarlberg as a unique tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. In 2017, the organisation revamped its website to include international landing pages for the various international target markets. Contentstudio was asked to produce the contents for these pages, but decided to take a slightly different route: instead of creating listicles and standard videos with stock pictures, models, slow-motion sequences and landscape images, the team adopted a storytelling approach. In the end, it is the people who make a region unique and give it its identity – through their activities and interaction with the world they live in. As "local heroes", they are the most effective ambassadors of Vorarlberg, and we wanted to tell their stories as a way to attract tourists to the region.


As the videos needed to work in every language and had to appeal to potential tourists with different cultural backgrounds, the script had to be developed accordingly. In the end, the scenes were produced and put together to speak for themselves – evoking positive emotions without the need for further explanations. The videos were produced over a period of up to twelve months in order to show the cycle of the seasons (in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc.), which gives them extra authenticity and credibility.

As we wanted to evoke strong positive emotions, we focused on small-scale producers and their work, and on visually attractive features of Vorarlberg that are depicted in a new light. 


Results for this campaign

The feedback from our client was overwhelmingly positive: "I don't remember any campaign that has touched me as much as this one does. It’s rare to have someone understand me this well,” said Christian Schützinger, Managing Director of Vorarlberg Tourismus. "Made in Vorarlberg" has now become a campaign in its own right with a dedicated website section (, and more videos are to follow. At the moment, the videos are used globally on social media, in YouTube ads and at tourism trade fairs abroad – serving as short feature films that need no words or subtitles.



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