The Oklahoman's Brand Campaign
2018 Finalist

The Oklahoman's Brand Campaign

The Oklahoman Media Company

Oklahoma City, United States

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign


During the past 10 years, OKC has ranked among the nation’s fastest-growing cities, with hundreds of thousands of new residents unfamiliar with The Oklahoman. Our challenge? Build our brand’s reputation with these non-subscribers and convert them to customers.


Create a brand campaign that captures our market’s attention; measurably builds lower-funnel brand measures (favorability, purchase intent, Net Promoter Score) among non-subscribers and converts them to customers.


The “Be Campaign,” is designed to create consumer demand by raising brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent.

The campaign, which highlights the quality and value of the content we deliver to market each day, uses the word “Be,” followed by an adjective that describes how our content positively impacts our readers lives.

For example, an execution using the words “Be Inspired,” tells the story of Lainy Fredrickson, a special needs student who won the 2017 Courage Award at The Oklahoman’s All-City Prep Sports Awards event – just one example of the inspiring stories The Oklahoman brings to its readers every day. 

A second execution, “Be Awesome,” describes how reading The Oklahoman’s award-winning business content prepares readers to command the boardroom.

“Be Sidesplitting,” shows two young girls enjoying classic Sunday comics, while “Be Zesty” features Dave Cathey and his popular coverage of OKC’s newest restaurants.

Colorful and appealing visuals create an engaging and positive brand persona for The Oklahoman that helps break through the negativity surrounding today’s news environment.

The campaign features a new tagline, “Be the very best you can be with The Oklahoman” and directs consumers to our website,, where they can learn more and subscribe. 

The campaign has been promoted through numerous media channels, including television, radio, digital, e-mail, social, content, outdoor, point-of-sale, events and more.

Results for this campaign

  • Brand measures among non-subscriber target:
    • Brand favorability up 52%
    • Purchase intent up 15%
    • Net Promoter Score (likelihood of consumers recommending The Oklahoman to friends, family and colleagues) up 25%
  • 200+ new full-access subscribers (and growing)
  • 20% boost in Facebook followers, from 74,048 to 88,948
  • 16,808 page views to our brand website
  • 15,112 unique page views on our brand website
  • Campaign outperforming industry benchmarks (HubSpot, WordStream, LinkedIn, MailChimp):
    • 0.15% CTR for digital ads (70.74% above industry benchmark of 0.09%)
    • 0.96% CTR for Facebook ads (54.95% above industry benchmark of 0.62%)
    • 0.74% CTR for LinkedIn ads (110.55% above industry benchmark of 0.35%)
    • 14.00% CTR for emails (197.94% above industry benchmark of 4.70%)


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