miss7: This is me #WATCHmeGO
2018 Finalist

miss7: This is me #WATCHmeGO

24sata d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

The campaign had two objectives – brand awareness for new user segment and website trial.

Our road to success? No actors. No models. No celebrities. Just real women writing for real women. Our goal was to position ourselves as a best friend that empowers you. The key component of the launch campaign was:

- Miss7 journalists: The women behind our texts and video content became the faces of our communication. We had one miss7 girl for every website category.

- #WATCHmeGO: social media hashtag that channels brand conversation on social media, allowing our readers to express their individuality and preferences publically.

The campaign was divided into three parts: out of the home, banner campaign and social media.

For out of the home we prepared targeted billboard communication in Croatia‘s urban locations during first two weeks of the campaign to build brand awareness for new media brand and introduce our journalists to the general public.  During that period we pushed banner campaign and to remind and enhance our image by using the extension of our billboard creative. But, the star of our launch was social media campaign: from teasers on Instagram and Facebook that revealed new media brand at the end, to Facebook video formats that introduced and connected our editorial team with the audience, giving them a sneak peek of lives and homes of our journalists as well as the preparation of miss7 launch campaign. Additional social activation was a reward game that had two goals – to promote our #WATCHmeGO spark conversation with our new media brand.

In short period during we had over 5000 uses of our #WatchMeGo, and that number is growing by each month that shows that our brand is strong and fast growing within our target group.

Results for this campaign

the miss7 brand really resonated with the audience. We experienced rapid traffic growth after the first month (more than 500.000 new users). During the first six months, the number of users grew to 1.200.000 users, outperforming the projected expectations by 33%.  We managed to attract our main target: young women from 18 to 38 years old. 64% of our readers are under age of 38, which is much lower than our parent brand, 24sata.

miss7 was truly established as mobile and social first media, with 78% of the traffic coming from mobile devices and the Facebook engagement rate that outperformed our competitors by double, with whooping 6,7%. The number of Facebook fans also showed outstanding growth climbing to 200.000. In short period we had over 5.000 Instagram uses of #WATCHmeGO and the number is growing bigger each month.

The thing that we are most proud of is the fact that audience really connected with our girls, showering our social media and inbox with praise for every one of them, proving that real women are the true celebrities of today.

miss7, this is me #WATCHmeGO!

*The population of Croatia is 4.3000.000.
**Sources: Google Analytics, Facebook.com, Instagram.com, Fan Page Karma.


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