Ananda Utsav 2017 - Annual brand awareness campaign for the largest Bengali festive event
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Ananda Utsav 2017 - Annual brand awareness campaign for the largest Bengali festive event

ABP Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, India

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

The Ananda Utsav microsite carries a variety of content to attract, engage and sustain diverse segments of the Bengali audience. Packaged in many digital formats, it caters to different tastes and ranges from serious and documentary, to casual and quirky.

We lay special emphasis on videos to ensure that the content is suitable for virality and trend-relevance on social channels. Videos also help bring in a generation of users who can easily speak/understand Bengali but cannot read it as well. 

Since Bengalis consider Durga Puja as an auspicious occasion to shop and invest, all brands jostle for space on shelves, for prime media real estate and for the consumer's mind and wallet.

The challenge therefore was to create a brand awareness campaign that stood out in the noise and clutter of the season and travelled the farthest distance on the back of high consumer interest.

Issues to solve for:

1. Ananda Utsav had been an annual property for many years however a large segment of users and advertisers were unaware that it was a part of anandabazar. 

2. Inform existing and potential users about the breadth of content available.

3. Help meet advertiser deliverables

Results for this campaign

The event was promoted through a 360° campaign to attract digital audiences across channels and generate value for advertisers. The promotion spanned traditional media such as newspaper and radio, and digital channels such as social, emailers, display ads. We also targeted local contact points such as buses and conducted an interactive out of home (OOH) activity etc.

Ananda Utsav 2017 was the most successful chapter historically to ever have been hosted:

1. Highest ever Pageviews and Unique Visitors

The event was successful in positively impacting the key business metrics of Pageviews and Unique Visitors. Pageviews grew 68% over the previous year while unique visitors grew by 35%. 

The site also attracted the highest number of new users in a month.

2. Highest monthly growth of Facebook community

The event helped in growing the Facebook community too. The fanbase in October grew by 11% over the month of September, a considerable increase over the average month on month growth rate of 2.5-3.0% for the year 2017

3. Most videos ever viewed in a month

The content plan had special focus on video to attract the younger audience, who discover news on social platforms. The strategy was a huge success as the video views garnered during Ananda Utsav 2017 was 46% of the total video views for 2017

4. Highest number of advertisers

Ananda Utsav 2017 helped build a variety of advertising options for display, native and sponsorship. This allowed us to collaborate with and solution for ~25 brands—local, national and multinational

5. Highest revenue earned

The 2017 chapter recorded the highest revenue for the annual Ananda Utsav event. The revenue in 2017 grew 50% over the previous and contributed to 12% of the annual revenue target.



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