Schwarzach, Austria

Category Best New Concept or Innovation to Create New Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

Apart from paying for the usual ads, existing Russmedia clients buy valuable contents for their promotions and campaigns. For external clients, Contentstudio produces the texts, images and videos and distributes them through our own media channels.

Businesses, associations, state organisations and entire industries need to communicate – be it to promote their products, enhance their image or for purely practical purposes such as recruiting staff or applying for planning permission. Contentstudio assists them in getting their message across, by identifying the stories that interest the public, producing the necessary scripts and generally spreading the word. Contentstudio has the necessary resources and contacts, and makes use of synergies that exist within the Russmedia group (editors, photographers, online marketing, video and social media support).

Results for this campaign

Compared to global media groups and customers, our approach is exactly the same; only the budget differs. Ideally, we first create the platforms for the new content (website, social media accounts, blog, corporate media, design thinking workshops, events) and then produce the actual content with a view to establishing long-term business relationships with our clients. We also follow this approach for the realisation of short-term, event-related campaigns and projects. 


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