2018 Finalist

App Only and App Management Research

News Corp Australia

Sydney, Australia

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

As part of growing and accelerating subscriptions through new segments and markets; research has identified an opportunity to develop a new entry level subscription product: providing an App Only offer that provides the customer value for money access to live local and world news. As well as the ability to personalise content via mobile.  From there, three key research projects were conducted in order to develop the proposition, provide executional guidelines for launch, and evaluate the impact on the existing app offer, including any opportunities for improving user experience.

  • Project Lumiere Phase 1 – App Only Subscription CVP Testing (July 2017):
    • Utilising our proprietary Pulse Panel of readers, conducting a 10min survey to understand the appeal of territory concepts, potential product names, and price points. A sample of N=725 respondents had been achieved.
  • Project Lumiere Phase 2 – App Only Subscription Communication Testing (Aug 2017):
    • Key objective was to inform the communication strategy for App Only in order to ensure that the CVP message resonates with the target audience and that the right proof points are communicated to drive sign up.
    • 2 x focus groups run by Ruby Cha Cha were conducted in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane with key target segments within each (News Junkies, Family Lifestyles, Casuals).
  • Project App Management – New App User Experience Testing (May 2017):
    • Through a trial launch of new metro mobile apps, developed for the purposes of providing all users (including anonymous, registered states, and subscribers) an enriched user experience; we wanted to gather consumer feedback and appeal from trialists and understand what impact app migration would have on retention of existing base.
    • A 10-minute survey was conducted amongst two customer groups: 1. Those who downloaded and trialled the new app (n=1,522), and 2. Those who had continued using the existing Edition app (n=819). Respondents were recruited from marketing opt-in subscription database and editorial articles promoting the survey within app.

Results for this campaign

‘App Only’ has launched with great success to a new audience of customers. These have been acquired from on and off platform targeting strategies reaching a new subscriber base. We have seen greater mobile premium breach conversion rate (increased +250%), and it has also enhanced a new digital acquisition channel in Apple Store (increasing +11.5% in conversion from free state to paid subscription).

Interest in the product continues to be evident, with average weekly app downloads boosted with a +47% increase, and a higher display ad engagement seen with a click through rates +643% higher than general campaigns.

  • Project Lumiere Phase 1 & 2:
    • Consumer benefit-led proof points highlighted in research (i.e. speed and accessibility to news, and personalisation); are now lead messages across all comms: ‘The news you choose’, ‘Stay in the know’, ‘The way you want’.
    • Understanding subscription price barriers, and their existing pricing benchmarks; has influenced our digital subscription pricing.
    • The project has also provided a clear subscription portfolio of products with a new entry-level product.
    • Also identified how we position and communicate features of ‘App Only’, this informed the channel & promotion strategy to ensure incremental acquisition rather than switching between products.
  • Project App Management research:
    • A customer-centric business decision was made off the back of this research to evolve two apps into one new and improved app, offering a consolidated user experience accessing live, local news as well as the Digital Print Editions (DPE) – a one stop shop.
    • The research highlighted the importance of the DPE, which was why it was integrated into the one stop shop app.
    • Additional content and features was also identified as part of the research and are now part of the product build roadmap.


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